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  • CHNTAINER’S Cup, lid and liner kit for use with Paint Sprayer System, CHNTAINER cup liner is an all-in-one disposable solution for measuring,mixing,filtering,and spraying of paint materials. CHNTAINER cup liner System enables the painter to consistently spray at 90° to the part, no matter the part


32 oz FlexLiner Paint Bags

FlexLiner Paint Bag System replaces traditional material cups for maintenance-free operation
*Available in various other sizes,colors and thicknesses.

Specifications of liners:
Type: FlexLiner Paint Bags
Application: Paint Sprayer Accessories
Weight: 0.09 lb
Size: 32 oz
Length: 5.46"
Material : Plastic - Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Volume : 32 OZ,
Features of flexliner paint bags:
Spray at any angle with no adjustment, even upside down
No suction tube to clean,disposable cup liner makes clean-up fast and easy
Toss or reuse the FlexLiner Paint Bag, it's your choice making for easy cleanup
Used mostly for storing paints,inks,coatings,food and cosmetic products.
Fits 24 oz, 32 oz or 48 oz cups;
Compatible with:TrueCoat 360,TrueCoat 360 DS,TrueCoat 360 DSP,TrueCoat 360 VSP,TC Pro Corded,TC Pro Cordless
CHNTAINER Flexliner Paint Bags Advantages:
Disposable liners eliminate cleanup time
Easy Setup
Fill FlexLiner Bag with material and attach to the handheld
Squeeze out any remaining air Spray
Easy Cleanup
Fill FlexLiner Bag with cleaning fluid like PumpArmor
Shake sprayer
Spray into a bucket
No suction tube to clean
Toss or reuse, it's your choice
The industry-first innovative CHNTAINER FlexLiner paint bag technology makes fast work of indoor and outdoor painting and staining projects. It's simple to use - just fill with paint, squeeze out the air and spray. There are limitless painting possibilities as the paint bag system allows for spraying in any direction, even upside down. Multi color projects are a breeze with a FlexLiner paint bag for each change of paint color. Just reuse or toss the FlexLiner paint bag when done.
Disposable liners virtually eliminates clean up. Use with stain, latex and oil-based paints and primers.
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