Steel Drums

Store and ship liquids or solids.Withstands extreme temperatures of -30° to 250°F.Open Top: Includes removable top and bolt ring.Closed Top: Features 2" opening to pour and 3/4" opening to vent. Lined: Epoxy/phenolic coating resists corrosion.

  • 55 Gallon Steel Drums

    the standard 55 gallon steel drum facilitates easy storage and shipment of goods, both commercial and hazardous, in a safe and organized manner. The 55 gallon steel drum can be made from both stainless and carbon steel materials, and is available in several varieties, including; Salvage Drum

  • 10 gallon-85 gallon Steel Drums

    Myers Container manufactures a complete line of new cold-rolled steel drums. No matter what your industry needs, we have the right containers with customizable features and specifications.

  • Stainless Steel Drums

    These corrosion resistant and reusable Stainless Steel Drums can safely hold and transport your materials wherever you may need it. Depending on the selection you choose, these SS drums can be a perfect match for chemicals, food, water, or wine.

  • 55 gallon metal steel drum

    55 gallon (208 L) steel drum that is available as an open-head or tight-head. It is specifically designed to optimize transportation for drums being shipped overseas.Fits 4 abreast in overseas (ISO) shipping, UN Performance Rated,Meets International ISO & ANSI MH2a-1998 standards, Improved Vacuum/Pressure Performance

  • Open Top Stainless Steel Drums

    ZZ Group' Open Top Stainless Steel Drums and Barrels make ideal processing containers. They are made from heavy gauge stainless steel and so are exceptionally hard wearing, this makes them ideal for use in busy production environments. Our Stainless Steel Drums (Barrels) are used throughout the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries. When the lid is removed the operator has easy access to the full interior of the drum.

Open Head Steel Drums (removable top) come available in 5 to 60 gallon sizes. The ZZ Group also custom production the popular 55 gallon (208 liters) sized drum. Reconditioned and new Open Head Steel Drums are available. Lined (epoxy phenolic) and unlined Open Head Steel Drums are offered.

Please note: Reconditioned Drums are not FDA approved for food or pharmaceutical storage.