5 gallon paint bucket liners

5 gallon paint bucket liners


Features and Functions:

Offers easy color changes
Keeps pails clean and reusable
Disposable liner

These pail liners can be used with liquids, pastes, or powders of varying density or viscosity

It is important to note that pail liners encourage easy and safe waste disposal, a "must" in today's industrial and manufacturing environments Keeps your plastic and metal pails clean and reusable for a long time Great for quick paint color changes


The ZZ group pail liner is a rugged, form-fitted plastic liner which is thermoformed using durable polyethylene. Neatly discards for easy cost effective clean-up.

Plastic paint bucket liners/ insert for 5 gallon pails. This pliable insert is molded from FDA-approved low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which makes it easier to seal if using tight-fitting lids. Flat bottom bag liners, made from LDPE, are especially great for storing products in cold environments. The flat bottom liners are ideal for applications such as food, chemical, pastes, powders, inks, silicones, and more. Pail liners are great for expediting the clean-up process and extending the life of a pail or bucket.

Do you know the gallon size you need, but not sure what bag size you should use? Easily convert drum capacity to bag size using this table. This is meant to be a guide, individual needs may differ especially for tie off and or overhang:

Drum Capacity Bag Size
1 gallon 12 x 18"
2 gallons 14 x 20"
3 gallons 18 x 24"
4-5 gallons 20 x 30"
6-7 gallons 24 x 23"
7-10 gallons 24 x 24"
8-10 gallons 24 x 30" 
12-16 gallons 24 x 33"
20-30 gallons 30 x 36-37"
30-33 gallons 32 x 50"
33 gallons 33 x 39-40"
40 gallons 40 x 46-48"
40-45 gallons 39 x 46"
50-55 gallons 36 x 60"
60 gallons 38 x 60"

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