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The development and application of the Oil Barrel

Oil drums, used its oil barrel, cylindrical shape is generally made of tin or plastic material, originally invented by the Germans during World War II on the eve of mainly used to carry military supplies - gasoline, it can be said is a typical product of the war .

Brief introduction

Drums is a German invention. Before World War II, the German High Command on the development of a blitzkrieg strategy, but at the same time there will be a problem. Each attack forces attacked too fast, causing logistical supply can not keep up, thousands of battle tanks, armored vehicles and trucks need a lot of gasoline. The German High Command foresaw this problem and designed a container loaded gasoline (now this container called drums). In 1939, before the German invasion of Poland, it already has tens of thousands of barrels of oil. German genius design resulting in military gasoline to the barrel still followed the German design in more than 60 years ago. Success across Europe blitzkrieg early in World War II, drums design is seen as a major part of, and is strictly confidential. Been asked to destroy their drums, to avoid falling into Allied hands of the Wehrmacht Group was forced to surrender or captured. Germans fear is not unfounded. Allied forces as long as oil drums, you can use them. In North Africa, British forces SAS (Special Air Service) troops Jeep assembly several oil drums, poor quality with the then U.S. oil drums. The SAS forces task is to find and destroy parked aircraft in the Air Force Base in Germany, its action deep into the German defense, and no supplies and support. The action of the long-range raid, SAS troops had to rely on their drums carry valuable gasoline, but its reliability is not high. Allied forces captured the German oil drums, imitation out soon, and apply it to the battlefield.

Combat application

50 years after the Gulf War, the same British SAS troops with Wedco military drums completed a remarkable mission to find and destroy Iraqi Scud missile launchers. And its combat mission is also to go deep into the rear of the Iraqi army. Wedco military drums SAS troops successfully complete the task of key equipment. Compared with World War II, the British updated almost all of the equipment. Land Rover 110 to replace the Jeep, but the drums still retains the original design. In the Kosovo region, the British Royal Marines Wolf Defender with of the Wedco military drums. As standard, each vehicle the tail fixed the two the Wedco drums, while Wolf Defender can be fixed inside more oil.

The current application of

The German army is still widely use the Wedco drums. The picture shows the German elite troops to patrol the streets in Afghanistan Kommando Spezial Krafte. Their vehicle production for the Mercedes-Benz G-series military off-road vehicles. Use firearms have the production of HOLOsight of MG3, MG42, G36K, Wedco drums and Bausch & Lomb's parent company, Bushnell. In many of these equipment, barrels of gasoline has nearly 70 years of service for the German army.

Australian defense forces fully utilized Wedco barrels of gasoline. These 6X6 LRPV (Long Range Patrol Vehicle) patrol in Afghanistan's Bagram. Behind Enemy Lines reconnaissance activities, LRPV rely on valuable to carry gasoline the Wedco gasoline barrels.

In addition to the military, factories, and other facilities around the world widely use all kinds of drums, drums craftsmanship and plated paint anti-corrosion technology development, but the cost is still low, the structure is simple and sturdy, still irreplaceable containers The large-scale use.

Drums storage leakproof measures

How to store oil drums, to avoid the occurrence of leakage?

No one wants to drums leak accident occurred. However, if the leakage of substances such as oil risk, followed by the high clean-up costs, possible long-term liability, worker safety, environmental protection and other issues.

Drums leak prevention

1, to ensure that the drums have their own appropriate cover and sealed.

Regularly check the drums have no corrosion, raised, defects, dents, and leaks.Defective drums on the the independent secondary packaging bucket or spill contingency bucket.

3, to ensure that the drums and contents compatible. For example, do not put acid on the general tin bucket or solvents on the plastic bucket.

4, to accurately identify the waste oil drums.

The oil drums secondary containment anti-leak

The principle is the possible leakage of oil drums secondary packaging to control the leakage may occur.

Nano lubricants

Need to ensure that the secondary containment of the spill volume has at least 110% of all drums largest container volume and maximum volume comparison between large value.

All steel drums, metal pail, plastic bucket, tons of barrels, one thousand liters barrels or other containers are likely to occur in the transport of long-term use of the process damage caused by the leak. Need anti-curse in the first place. To store drums of oil, chemicals and hazardous chemicals on the spill tray (also called anti-leakage tray, spill-proof tray, controlled discharge disk Sheng leakage card board, etc.), Sheng leakage platform (also called anti-overflow platforms, leak-proof platform), IBC spill pallet (also known as IBC leak-proof tray). Spill tray, Sheng leakage platform, leak-proof platform with a solid structure, forklift operators, non-slip, can suit the characteristics, when leakage occurs, all the leaking fluid along the grill tray or platform will automatically flow into the tray or platform spill area, will not trickle down to the ground, corridor or channel. Spill tray and Sheng the leakage platform have drain plugs leaking liquid can be emptied when the leak to a certain volume. Most of the leakage of the liquid can be directly reused.

If you need to store the oil drums filled with oil, you can select Sheng drain basin spill tank spill causeway and other products.

3 If you need temporary or economic storage equipped with oil barrels or chemical drums, the IBC drum or other container to prevent leakage, spill liner. Do not need to use the ramp, the carts are free and out, can be folded when not in use can be folded into the tool holder to save space.

4, a lot of oil drums on wooden pallets or plastic tray that may leak. Wooden tray or plastic tray equipped with barrels and barrels of chemicals with a forklift on spill causeway years. Dike spill can spill volume is relatively large, suitable for large-scale leakage prevention, and is also suitable for rapid response control. Unique hold button structure, the packing volume is small, easy to transport, easy to install, quick response.The car you could drive out.

5, if the indoor space is limited or because the storage medium is incompatible, can be considered on the drums outdoors. Open lid Sheng drain box, shutter-style anti-leak oil drum storage cabinet, dangerous goods leak-proof houses and dangerous goods put leak storage house can play reuse. They all have excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and can be durable, can forklift operator. Compared with the usual metal or concrete buildings can greatly save cost, convenient, flexible, and provide a more superior performance.

6, if you need flat placed oil drums, you can use the full plastic frame drums, drum storage and leak-proof packaging combine. Corrosion, frame drums prevent dispensing spilled, can be used forklift operator, convenient and flexible.

The open-air storage of drums

1, if the drums to be placed outdoors, you must make sure not to enter the rain. In the secondary containment measures, wrapped with waterproof tarpaulins Sheng drain tray, spill platform, IBC spill pallets can reach water proof sunscreen to prevent birds and insects into the package to turn the purpose of the container.

2 fixed open yard, must comply with the relevant norms of building fire protection design "requirements.

3, damp with water, exposure and dust pollution may cause an explosion, burning, decomposition deterioration of the items are not allowed long-term open storage.

4, the open-air yard should be set crib seat platform, and its ground clearance of not less than 0.3m.

5, stacking, there should be at least 3m channel.

6 yard surrounded by drainage ditches or underground drain, and a protective fence.

Stack station set should follow conflicting, different fire fighting methods can not coexist mix principle.


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