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Our steel drum production line is professionally designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology in China. The steel drum production line has proven high efficiency, easy maintenance and low consumption during years of steel drum practice. The steel drum production line can use premium steel, stainless steel, etc, to produce high-quality steel drums, steel barrels and other containers. It is a satisfyingly high return investment for the entrepreneurs or investors who wants a stable and consistent business of steel drum.

After years of production experience, our steel drum production line has developed into a whole production line including steel plate uncoiling, flatting, the barrel cover pucnching forming, barrel body welding and painted inside and outside.


Post Section Equipment

1. Hydraulic Up-Coiler

1.1. Construction
1.1.1 Up-Coiling Support Platform
1.1.2 Material Feed Trolley and Hydraulic Support Lifting Unit
1.1.3Transmission Device and Hauling Chain
1.1.4 Light Rail
1.2 Function
Up-Coiling Support Platform is for storing steel coil and facilitates Material Feed Trolley for delivering material.
Material Feed Trolley is used for carry steel coil... It is operated with hydraulic system to push cylinder for reciprocating linear movement and gear box to deliver steel coil in parallel to the center of uncoiling unit so as to assure the fixing.

2. Uncoiling Unit

2.1 Construction
2.1.1 Hydraulic Support Device
2.1.2 Seat and Press Roller
2.1.3 Core Shaft and Expansion/Shrink Structure
2.1.4 Rigidity Clutch
2.1.5 Transmission System

2.1.6 Air Brake Device
2.2 Function
Hydraulic support device is used to support the other end of cantilever uncoiling unit so as to avoid overweight of steel coil causing large deflection of cantilever beam of uncoiling unit to affect normal uncoiling operation.
After the uncoiling block enters into the internal hole of steel coil, hydraulic system supplies pressure, cylinder moves fore and after to push draw bar causing uncoiling block shrink and expand. The uncoiling block expanded withstands the inside of steel coil to be clamped and fixed firmly. There is pressing roll in the upper of uncoiling unit and pressing roll goes up and down under the control of cylinder through lever enabling easy disassembly of steel coil packing band. Uncoiling unit operates with initiative material feeding driven by AC motor. The tooth pick type clutch disconnects power to get passive material feeding for uncoiling unit in normal operation. There is brake in the main shaft of uncoiling unit so as to get friction moment when the main shaft of uncoiling unit rotates and assure a certain tension between uncoiling unit and flattening machine maintains by which to uncoiling. The uncoiling tension and brake can be regulated by air pressure.

4. Flattening Machine

4.1 Construction
4.1.1Material Guide Pallet

4.1.2 Preside Rectifying Unit
4.1.3 Cramp Feed Device
4.1.4 9-Roller Flattening Machine
4.1.5 Arc Roller Set
4.1.6 Mid Bridge
4.2 Function
Driven by cylinder, material guide pallet goes up. Steel sheets enter into cramp roller and 9-roller flattening machine through preside rectifying unit. 9-roller gets all rollers driving through gear box transmission system and universal coupling. The clearances of up and down rollers can be adjusted by the upper hand-wheel while figure can be shown by dial indicator. The operation linear speed is adjusted step-less. It can be controlled by the signal of mid-bridge for high and low speed change.

5. Lengthways Sheet-Cutting Machine

5.1 Construction
5.1.1 Rack
5.1.2 Up and Down Knife Shaft
5.1.3 Up and Down Blade
5.2 Function
Lengthways Edge Trimming Machine adopts rotary disc blade to cut steel sheet lengthways to band steel. Various width bank steel can be cut by regulating the position of disc blade. Common driving unit is for both lengthways sheet-cutting machine and flattening machine. The driving is drawn out from the coupling of flattening machine to down blade shaft.

6. Scrap Collection Unit

6.1 Function
The scrap cut by lengthways edge trimming machine is collected by scrap collection unit which is positioned on the two sides of lengthways edge trimming machine and driven by moment motor. It operates through gear box driving disc type collecting structure.

7. Servo Sizing & Flattening Machine

7.1 Construction
7.1.1 Front/Rear Side Deviation Rectifying Unit
7.1.2 5-Roll Flattening Machine
7.1.3 Sizing Clamp Feed Device
7.2 Function
5-roll flattening machine re-flattens steel sheets. The clearances of the upper and down flattening rolls can be regulated by the upper hand-wheel through worm wheel and worm. The power for flattening machine gets from the gear box with connection of universal coupling and the sizing unit shares the common power. With holding cramp, sizing roll feeds steel sheets accurately as per the length designed, which is driven directly by AC servo motor.

8. Crossways Sheet-cutting Machine

Qty. :1 Unit
 Function:Cut the flattened steel plate into drum body.
 Structure:Mechanical drive,Automatic or Manual, multi machines or single machine working function.
 Main Tech Data:
 Length difference±0.5、diagonal
 Main Motor Power:3kw.

9. Conveyer for Stacking Steel Sheets

9.1 Function
Pneumatic control is applied to deliver the steel sheet sheared to back baffle through material drop trough. There are left & right side baffles and back baffle on the rack so as to have the steel sheets dropped in trimness. The dimensions of the left and right baffles can be adjusted. There is pneumatic trimming unit in the back baffle. The lift stacking platform goes down after it receives the sensor signal when steel sheets are stacked to the certain height.

10. Roller Trans-Line

10.1 Function
To deliver steel sheets to material discharging roller for package or lifting upon the set quantity is reached.

11. Cover & Bottom Transportation Set


12. Pre-Coiling & Gluing Machine

 Qty.:1 Unit
 Function:Pre-curling and seal gluing.
 Function:Mechanical transmission and pneumatic drive,both automatic and manual operation, controlled independently.

 Main Tech Data:
 Curling Diameter600—630mm;Pre-curling speed: 10pcs/minute.
 Main Motor Power:6.6Kw.

13. Electric Control System


13.1 Construction:

 Power panel ;
 Operation desk
 Checking components
 Features:Power::380V±10%,50Hz±5%, 3-phase AC

14. Hydraulic Station

Hydraulic system adopts integration pump station to control the whole hydraulic pipeline circuit.
The main hydraulic valves adopt YUKEN, Japan...
The rated working pressure of hydraulic system is 8MPa.

15. Cover Pressing Machine

 Qty.:2 units
 Function:Pressing bottom covers and up covers
 Structure:Mechanical
 Main Tech Data:
 Main motor power:22kW

16. Double Locking Pressing Machine

 Qty.:1 unit
 Function:Lock up the Inlet and air hole.
 Structure:Mechanical.
 Main Tech Data:
 Main motor power:7.5kVA

17. Moulds for Barrel Covers


Middle Section Equipment
1. Circle-Bending Machine

 Qty.:1 unit
 Function:Roll the ready-cut steel into circular drum body.
 Structure:Mechanical transmission,Automatic or Manual, multi machines or
single machine working function.
 Main Tech Data:
 Main motor power:1.5kw

2. Spot-Welding Machine

 Qty.:2 Units
 Function:Spot Welding on Circle Rolled drum body.
 Structure:Operated by Man.
 Main Tech. Data:
 Type:DN3-75
 Main Motor Power:75kVA;

3. Seam Welding Machine

 Qty.:2 Units
 Function:Seam Welding on Circle Rolled drum body.  Structure:Operated by Man.
 Main Tech. Data:
 Type:FN1-150-5
 Main Motor Power:150kVA。

4. Edge Rib Reinforcing Machine

 Qty.:1 Unit
 Function:Edge rib reinforce on drum body.
 Structure:Mechanical transmission and hydraulic drive,Automatic or Manual, multi machines or single
machine working function.
 Main Tech Data:
 Edge Width:16.5~17.5mm;
 Reinforced Rib Height:8~14mm,distance between two ribs(center symmetry)
 280±2mm;
 This machine can complete edge rib reinforce at one working time to improve tech sizes and precision.
 Main Motor Power:22kw,

5. Corrugation (“W” Reinforced Rib) Forming Machine


 Qty.:1 Unit
 Function:Press W Reinforced Rib after edge-bending and Reinforcing.
 Structure:Upper set mechanical transmission and hydraulic drive, Automatic or Manual, multi machines or single machine working function.
 Main Tech Data:
 Main Motor Power:11kw,Motor Power of Hydraulic Station: 7.5kw.

6. Edge-Bending Machine

 Qty.:1 Unit
 Function:Form Drum body, bottom and upper covers into one complete drum.
 Structure:Mechanical transmission and hydraulic drive, principal shaft is the 1st class drive, pneumatic clutch brake. Automatic or Manual, multi
machines or single machine working function.
 Main Tech Data:
 Precision adjustment of forming wheels (X-Y direction, micro-adjustment)<0.05;
 Main Motor Power:37kw,Motor Power of Hydraulic Station: 7.5kw.

7. Semiautomatic Leak Checking Machine

①. Qty.:1 Unit
②. Function:Check the leakages.
③. Structure:Mechanical transmission and pneumatic drive, which is controlled independently.
④. Main Tech Data:
Leak-checking Pressure:0.03Mpa. Spraying water manually(or soap liquid)to check the leakage. After checking,the drum is pushed to next working step by a pusher. Main Motor Power:0 kw。

8.Multi working-Position Conveying Chain


Qty.:1 Set
 Function:Complete the convey from Circle bending till the Post Equipment and positioning. PLC controlled, automatic production line.
 Structure:Mechanical transmission,which is consisted by chain, rubber rollers and etc.
Automatic or manual operation function.
 Main Tech Data:
 Main Motor Power:4.0kw in all.


Rear Section Equipment

1. Washing Line


Washing Process and Equipment Parameters:
Note: Groove body is made by 3mm carbon steel, inner liner is Fiberglass, which is 3mm in thickness.

2. Washing Conveyer

 Length: 21m;
 Washing Conveyer Method:Steel drum moves forward and turns around simultaneously;
 Speed:0.5m~2.8m/min;
 Speed Adjustment:Stepless adjustment,matched with cycloid pin decelerator of 2.2kw 1 Unit;
 Production Materials of Washing Line:
 Chain:Stainless Steel 304;
 Wheel and Axle:2Cr13 adjusted quality;
 Wheels:Engineering Plastic;
 Track:Stainless Steel 304;
 Inner Layer of Washing Period:0.5mm Stainless Steel 304, Outer Layer: 0.5mm color armor plate.

3. Drying Path after washing


 12m in Length,1.5m in width,1.7m in height;
 Heating Method:Fuel heating;
 Working Temperature: room temperature~140℃;

4. Drying Convey
 18m in Length;
 Method:Horizontal drying;
 Speed: 0.5m~2.8m/min;
 Speed Adjustment:Stepless adjustment,matched with cycloid pin decelerator of 1.5kw 1 Unit;
 Production Materials of Drying Line:

 Chain:Stainless Steel 304;
 Track:Carbon Steel

5. Overturn Machine
 Function:turn the washed and horizontal drums to be stand;
 Qty:1 Unit

6. Conveyer after washing
 Function:Convey washed steel drums to spray painting conveyer;
 Length: About 7m.

7. Control Cabinet

 Function:Control the temperature of washing liquid in groove, conveyer speed, and washing liquid offering.
 Qty.: 5 units.

8. Paint Spraying Room


 Structure:3900mm in Length,4000mm in width,2400mm in height;
 Purify method:Drencher and washing by water;
 Material: Drencher Plate is stainless steel,others are carbon steel.
 Surface of paint spraying room both inside and outside:Inside is waterproof dope, outside is Alkyd resin varnish.
 2 sets of vertical four-block wheels rotating machine, speed is adjustable by frequency inverter.
 Chain delivery of outside spray-painting:1 Set(About 8000mm).
 Fan:2 Units, 2X3kw。
 Water Pump:4KW

 Spraying Tool
 High pressure, airless spray-painting machine, 3 Units;
 Spray-Painting Method: Vertical painting
 Auto Spraying Gun: 13 pcs;
 Oil Paint Heater: 2 Units.
 PIC Control Cabinet:1 Unit(controls spray-painting and conveyer).

9. Double Channels Drying and Solidifying Equipment for Steel Drums in Vertical


10. Drying Channels


 Structure:24m in Length,2.2m in Width,2.1m in Height;
 Heating Method:Fuel Heating;
 Working Temperature:room temperature~270℃ adjusted freely.
 Temperature going up:≯40min;
 Heat Preservation Performance:When Drying channel is 180℃, surface temperature is less

than 10℃,(other parts are less than 25℃);

11.Drying Conveyer
 Conveyer Method:By Chain delivery. 216A double-kts distance chain,matched with cycloid pin decelerator of 3kw, 1 Unit;
 Conveyer Rows:double rows;
 Conveyer Length:36m;
 Conveyer Speed: 0.4~1.4m/min,stepless speed adjustment;
 Front Distribution Machine:1 unit;
 Back Distribution Machine:1 unit;
 Fan:2 units,Power: 2*0.55kw

12. Cooling Section

 4m in length,2.2m in width,2.1m in height;
 Adjustable nozzle is adopted
 Fan:3 units,Power: 2*1.5kw+2.2kw。

13. Conveyer after Spraying


 Function: Convey finished drums into warehouse;
 Length: About 20m;
 Matched with cycloid pin decelerator of 3kw, 1 Unit


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