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Basic Questions about the steel barrel

First, the terminology

1, metal packaging container: containing products used for storage, transportation or sale of ironware general. Such as metal boxes, metal drums, metal cans.

2, metal drums: larger containers made of a metal plate, cylindrical, rectangular, elliptic cylindrical shape.

3 cans: the capacity of the smaller containers made of sheet metal, seals and seal two categories, the general use of Tinplate, chrome-plated steel sheet, aluminum sheet, made.

4, the closure device: a closure means on the container, its purpose is to enable the contents to be kept in a container and to prevent contamination of the contents.

5 full open bucket: metal drums with removable top, the top of the barrel is full open the top cover of the barrel, the usually closed hoop, clip or other device fixed to the barrel body.

6, closed barrel: equipped with a non-detachable barrel top metal drums, the barrel top and bottom of the barrel permanently fixed to the barrel body is seamed to other methods.

7, small opening barrel: barrel top opening diameter of not more than 70mm closed barrel.

8, the opening in the barrel: barrel top opening diameter greater than 70mm closed barrel.

9, cone diameter barrel: the lower part of the barrel of the cylinder, the upper cone metal drums.

10, shaped top barrel: conventional top, but a raised portion of the top of the barrel, the barrel top contour disconnected by a recessed portion so close to the top edge of the device installation filling and discharge capacity.

11 square tapered neck barrel: the lower part of the barrel approximate square, the upper part of the barrel into the pyramid metal drums.

12, necking barrel: diameter at the top or bottom of the barrel body was significantly reduced, so that the stacked metal drums.

13, pails: Add a handle metal, both open and closed.

14, the top of the barrel: metal drums of a top member. Usually closed barrel on top of the barrel injection hole and holes.

15, the convex side: Above the barrel top or bottom of the barrel portion, usually formed by crimping.

16, the injection hole: hole in the top of the bucket set for a sink or discharged when the contents.

17 holes: breathable holes in the top of the bucket set for a sink or discharging contents.

18, handle: an accessory mounted on the container used to hold or tie-up.

19, Gantry: A ends hanging ear joins the barrel body the semicircular metal Siti hand.

20, put the ring: a mounting brackets on the barrel, small ring-shaped handle is free to rotate.

21, hanging ears: Fixed in the barrel body can handle like a hinge rotation metal connecting member.

22 Bushing: a separation with an external container liner was used to adhere the inner side of the outer container, the contents and the outer container in order to prevent mutual influence.

23, triple curling: barrel body and the barrel top, combination in the bottom of the barrel to more than five snap connection with the curling form.

24, the height of the convex edge: from the top of the knurled barrel top or bottom of the barrel close to the distance from the plane of the inside of the convex side. Synonyms: barrel top depth, the depth of the bottom of the barrel.

25, the weld: the barrel body is formed by welding a seam, such as lap joints, butt joints, etc.

26, plug: inside a closure into the packaging container openings, the use of friction or screwing.

27, for foods: open must be destroyed, or show traces of a lid has been opened.

28, washer: rubber or other suitable material from the seal ring or sheet.

29, cocks: with external thread, with threaded neck supporting the use of plug.

30, countersunk plug: plug with countersunk recess, groove engagement with the board or other tools.

31 cover: one with jagged edges and gaskets used in conjunction with special Clinching neck snap elastic cover.

32, tight ear cover: a peripheral extension of the lid of the ears, the extension of the ear loaded material has been bent so that the lid firmly intertwined in a metal pail bucket body.

33, the bolt head: one with a cover bolted to the top of the barrel in metal drums.

34, Bayonet Cap: A metal cap with lug, lug with matching accessories concave cover engages the cover slightly turn will be able to clench.

35, the neck: a molded or assembled on the container projecting member. Container from the filling or emptying.

36, the threaded neck: a with internal thread, and a closure member capable of engaging with the screw cap.

37, spiro ring: one with an inner thread, and a closure member for engagement with the cock.

38, closed hoop: a active end cap card tight on the barrel forming ring with, with both ends of the hoop, tight ear, bolts or other mechanical device.

39, leveraged closed the hoop: both ends of the connection with leveraged closed hoop.

40 bolt closed hoop: both ends of the bolt connection closed hoop.

41, the stiffener: used to increase the stiffness of which is formed by the convex or concave portion on the barrel or tank body.

42, the ring bars: an annular reinforcing rib.

43, the ripple: a continuous irregularity small annular stiffener.

44, non-annular stiffener: metal container on the horizontal or vertical annular stiffener.

45, rounded edges: the edge of the metal cover bent inward side hook formed, so that the flange of the barrel body or cans crimp seal.

46, flanging: barrel body or cans ends pulls out part of the seal in order to cover for curling.

47, double seamed: barrel body or cans with lid, bottom combination, five bite linked together curling form.

48, a platen: a mold or other methods in a bucket or tank stamping out the process of numbers, letters, and symbols.

49 Printing: plate or other graphic information transferred to the metal plate on the metal container process.

50 Spray: decorative and protective paint spraying process in the metal surface of the container.

51, the inner coating: coated on the inner wall of the metal container to prevent its contents to of mutual contamination or corrosion coatings.

52, the outer coating: coatings known in the container outer wall of the bottom cover coated to prevent rusting of the metal container, paint or rust-proof paint.

53, sealing filler: the bottom of the barrel, the cover or the bottom of the tank, lid the ditch closed beta coated sealing material in the barrel body or cans bottom cover after curling sealing function. Watershed-based and solvent-based two major number.

Second, the classification of steel drums and the main parameters

1, steel drums - Class: I - 1 grade steel drums; II - 2 steel drums; III - class steel drums.Steel drum level code is dressed different contents according to the steel drums and dangerous goods packaging requirements, provisions for I, II, III level. Steel drum-level code is a steel drum performance level code classification code, not the quality of steel drums. The Code is divided as required by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations ". Different level in accordance with the hazard of the goods, steel drums grade requirements. Packing Group I at greater risk; class II packaging a moderate risk; class III packaging a smaller risk.

Steel drums Category: mainly divided into two categories, the five forms:

Category Type
Closed steel drums opening drums
In opening drums
Full opening drums straight opening drums
Opening necking steel drums
Conical opening drums
3, round steel drums and Frame Size:

High capacity inner diameter of the barrel ring bars from corrugated high barrel from the top two ring bars
200,560,850,142,803 19 415
100,430,720,102,802 16 290
804,156,158,210,216 265
50 385 450 - 2 16 235
25 285 410 - 2 16 -
20 285 330 - 2 16 165
4, four-liter capacity and structural dimensions of the rectangular bucket:

Capacity type high barrel barrel barrel width barrel caliber material thickness
4 liters Japanese 241 180 106.5 42 0.25
4 liters Continental 25,516,910,642 0.25
5, the thickness of the steel drums material standards:

Capacity heavy barrel medium-sized barrels of the second medium-sized barrels of light barrel
Barrels are bottom of the barrel, the top
200 1.5 1.2 1.0 1.2 1.0
100 1.2 1.0 0.8 1.0 0.8
80 1.2 0.8 0.8 1.0 0.8
63 1.0 0.8 - 0.5 - 0.6
50 1.0 0.6 0.6 0.8 0.5 0.6
45 0.8 0.5 - 0.5 - 0.6
35 0.6 0.5 - 0.3 ~ 0.4
25 0.6 0.5 - 0.3 ~ 0.4
20 0.6 0.5 - 0.3 ~ 0.4
6, steel drum diameter can be free to design?

Can not. With the deepening of opening to the outside world, more and more export goods, the size requirements of the steel drums but also with international standards.Drums diameter dimensions must comply with the requirements of GB13201. Scientific and reasonable size steel drums, pallets, containers and other modern modes of transport, you can get the maximum utilization of the transport space.

7, how to choose the material thickness of the steel drums?

Based primarily on the performance of the steel drums to choose the thickness of the steel drum material, and to note the following: (1) whether the steel drums turnover: steel drums turnover used to take into account the durability of the steel drums, select material steel drum to the appropriate thicker. The steel drums turnover use disposable packaging, under the premise of ensuring the performance of steel drums, steel drums material selection should be thin. (2) the characteristics of the contents: the choice of the thickness of the steel drums material, selected according to the properties of the contents of the material thickness of the steel drum. The steel drum contents select steel drum material thicker dangerous goods from the safety point of view. Thin steel drums Available in steel drums contents of general cargo. (3) the density of the contents to be considered: in the choice of the thickness of the steel drums material density of the contents. Contents density material steel drum should be thicker. The contents density hour should be selected steel barrel material thin. In short, the choice of the thickness of the steel drum material, that is, to ensure that the steel drum performance but also economical and reasonable.

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