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Development of Metal Barrel and Metal barrel production line

After China's accession to the WTO, a strong proponent of green packaging, steel drums are no exception. International the steel drums development trend, in addition to the metal drum production line process and recycling has been some progress in the field of environmental protection, the steel drums products in our new development.

Related to the change because the steel drums change is a large, versatile and recognition worldwide. China's steel drum standards with the international gap between the developed countries, the structure of many unreasonable, is not conducive to environmental protection. As foreign economic and trade development, export products, our steel drums have been increasingly shut out by foreigners. In order to meet the needs of international trade, a variety of domestic production of steel drums products by foreign standards. Ten years ago, the international standardization working group issued a steel drum ISO standard, but until today, when our steel drums foreign users rejected, we have no choice but to adopt international standards for the production of steel drums. Only the development of the enterprise can be based only improved products to the survival and continuity throughout the ages. Therefore, the development is of overriding importance, stagnation is not conducive to the progress of the steel drums.

Over the years, China's steel drums products mainly to closed steel drums of 200 liters, supplemented by small and medium-sized steel drums, the product structure has not changed much. Its main features are:

1. Bucket cylindrical. This shape is the shape of traditional steel drums, of course, from the production process is simple, and the strength of the steel drums. But now international competition, from the view of the direction of reducing costs, its transport space occupied too, the gap between the barrel and the barrel is extremely economical.

2. Convex ring bars. The cylindrical barrel body ring convex rib drums increased strength.But it also increased the number of the maximum diameter of the steel drums, the same result in the waste of space transport.

3. The diameter of the full opening of the barrel bunghole is too large. For full for opening barrels when steel drums bunghole plus lid and closed, the diameter of the bunghole became the the steel drums largest diameter at also caused transport waste of space.

4. Material thickness. In the steel drums national standard GB325-2000, the light bucket material has been reduced. The original 200 liters steel drums later becomes 1.25mm, 1.5mm thick steel plate, and then later becomes 1.2mm. 1.0mm thick steel drums have been very common.

5. The plane-barrel top, so that the matter can not row a clean shortcomings Closed Cylinder content, causing the contents of the waste and environmental pollution, and also brought trouble to the steel drums reuse.

After joining the WTO, the international packaging and shipping of goods more and more, the corresponding national standards more and more to keep up with the development of the situation, the internationally popular steel drum structure more and more to enter the domestic, and this international popular steel drum structure has become the preferred packaging for export commodities. The development trend of the steel drums has become increasingly clear that this is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for our traditional structure of steel drums, so many domestic the cooperage enterprises have to adjust the product mix to meet the needs of the market.

For our traditional structure of steel drums, steel drum structure trends mainly in the following aspects.

First, steel drums, the diameter size of the international standardization

Steel drums is a metal packaging, more durable due to its material, it is not like in the use of other packaging as used only once. The most repeated use of steel drums, often need the steel drums orthopedic and prosthetic, but there are big differences in steel drums size of steel drums and international standards, it is in the exports of the steel drums again repair became difficult, because large-scale repair of steel drums production line is hard to deal with different sizes of steel drums. And imports of foreign steel drums country and then want to repair and also there are some difficulties.

With the development of foreign economic and trade, transportation of different sizes of steel drums will also become a major problem. In commonly used 200 l drums, for example, in accordance with the ISO668 standard, Europe and the United States the standard drums have the optimum diameter, such as standards of international common drums inside diameter φ571.5mm packet parallel stacking it in ISO containers, and filled the entire container the excess gap, so that transport can account for the most reasonable stacking space. Our national standard 200 liter drums of diameter φ560mm, due to the differences in size, it can not achieve maximum use of packing space, potentially wasting the transport space, increased transportation costs.

Steel drums can not be reused, so that the energy and resources has not been fully utilized, resulting in unnecessary waste, discarded steel drum adverse impact on the survival of our environment, currently, with the Environmental Protection further, it is imperative to change the steel drum structure size is not very important task. The change of this size, international harmonization of the diameter of the steel drums. Special steel drums, 208 liters container in the domestic and international standardization of steel drums, etc. are all manifestations of this trend.

Second, thin steel drums trends are becoming clear

With the economic development and scientific and technological progress, the improvement of the steel material, production process places keep the material thickness of the steel drums from thick to thin. We can see the difference in the development of the standard from domestic and foreign steel drums. Of 200 liters steel drums 1.20mm thick sheet steel commonly used than the original 1.5mm thin, while abroad, mostly thick 0.8mm steel plate, and the barrels are bottom of the barrel, the barrel top using different thickness The thin steel sheet.

Few years ago, there are some companies did the thin steel drums of the test, the quality test results been able to meet the requirements of national standards. Equivalent packaging concept is not accepted by many people, by the many users barriers that cut corners to worry about the quality of products affected. Fact, steel drums thinner than cut corners, not shoddy products to ensure product function, to improve the structure and process, deep processing of the results. The steel drums thinning is a symbol of technology development.

Now became the the steel drums thin largest reasons as the raw material prices, lower costs, so the thin steel drums growing market, users also like to accept it, it seems the steel drums thin has become a non-blocking when trend.

200 liters full open necking steel drums welcomed by foreign investors

Increasing in recent years, 200 liters full market opening bucket, mostly for export packaging jam, ketchup, and solid (semi-solid) chemical products. Full open drums closed bolt closure and lever-type closure two. Normal full opening bucket has a common characteristic is that when, after the closure is installed, the outer diameter of the barrel top portion greatly exceeds the maximum outer diameter of the closed barrel of the same capacity, which makes the steel drum occupies a larger volume in the transport of goods.Practical, often cause the container and put five rows is not enough to put four rows of spare, great headaches.

Abroad, in order to solve this problem, the barrel top of the barrel mouth at the necking, reducing the diameter of the barrel mouth, so that the maximum outer diameter less than the diameter of the barrel at the ring bars after the installation of the barrel mouth closure.In this way, we solve the bung diameter is too large due to transport waste of space issues.

In recent years, there are a small number of enterprises should be the user's needs 200 liters necking barrel manufacturing, steel drum inner diameter is still the national standard φ560mm bunghole necking at the inner diameter of φ530mm. Such greatly welcomed by foreign steel drums, it solves the ordinary full open drums waste of shipping space can not solve the problem, and is gradually moving towards universal and popular. As shown in Figure 1-1 opening shrink the diameter barrels schematic diagram.

Dedicated container steel drums ("W" rib barrels) domestic settled

Special container steel drums is introduced from Europe, first by Italy GMI in our promotion, so most users due to its structure type to improve the of GB steel drums in the transport space occupied unreasonable problem, certainly.

The main features of the special container steel drums barrel ring bars body overall fall into the bucket, and that the reduced height of the barrels are ring bars manufactured in the ring bars connected to the barrel body parts recurve ring slot, the maximum diameter of the top of the ring bars smaller than standard 5mm the ring bars outside diameter of the original GB steel drums φ585mm the container steel drum outer diameter of the ring bars φ575mm. Steel drum so that the maximum diameter of 10mm smaller than the national standard steel drums, do not underestimate the 10mm, container transport, make this steel drums to maximize space applications to achieve the most economical transportation costs. As shown in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-2 "W" rib barrel barrel body ring bars corrugated schematic diagram

Because the shape of the cross-section of the ring bars like "W", domestic cooperage industry often call it a W-ring tendons barrel. Tendons of the ring is not only reducing the maximum diameter of the steel drums, but also enhances the strength of the barrel itself, so that the shape of the barrel body more beautiful. Abroad, the majority of container steel drums are removed from the the bucket body of corrugated, more beautiful barrel.

Five, 200 liters column tapered opening barrels market is booming

In recent years, China's western region of ketchup, due to the long hours of sunshine, good quality, which in the U.S. and Europe reputation noise. , Northwest Territories annual export of 600 million barrels of tomato sauce, jam, Italy and all standard tapered barrel, Xinjiang Chand also tapered barrel production line imported from Italy at all costs, creating China produced 200 liters conical barrel products precedent. Currently, 200 l conical barrel sales in the western region of Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia, very good, a great shortage of potential.

200 l conical barrel is full open barrel bunghole inner diameter φ553mm, the inner diameter of the bottom of the barrel for φ516mm barrel 970mm and 990mm high. The barrel body from the bunghole 100mm a ring bars, four circumferential ribs and six radial ribs on the bottom of the barrel, and tendons 24 φ4mm small hole. Exhaust holes of the bottom of the barrel when loading and unloading cargo, because there is a layer of plastic bags in between the tank wall and the cargo. The barrels ring tendons role to suit the level limit when the empty barrel storage and transportation. The closure of the conical barrel is a lever-type closure, the barrel body and the bottom of the bucket is generally used from 0.7 to 0.8mm, the cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing, are coated inside and outside the green amino paint, external, internal rust red. The most important feature of the conical barrel empty drums easy transportation, low cost, in transport, each stack of barrels 14 each pallet pile, a car can hold 10 pallets, empty drums a car can hold 560, while the ordinary steel drums a car can only be installed over 100 steel drums, can be seen to greatly reduce their transportation costs, which provides favorable conditions for the long-distance sales and transportation of empty drums. Figure 1-3 is a tapered barrels schematic diagram.

Another big advantage of the tapered barrels international standardization of its size, the most reasonable space occupied in the ocean transportation of container, steel drums, one of the most popular.

Sixth, special type of steel drums acclaimed

1. Steel-plastic composite barrel

In recent years the development of steel-plastic composite barrels faster, it closed a plastic bucket as in ordinary steel drums internal liner has both the strength of the steel drums, corrosion resistance and plastic bucket. And more used to contain corrosive chemicals, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, broader application in our country all over the South.

When the barrel of production, the first plastic drums steel drums barrels are seaming, and then ends with a steel drum barrel top and bottom of the barrel, so to become one.General steel-plastic composite barrel steel drums bunghole only one hole exposed in the barrels, plastic barrels, barrel mouth and lid are plastic bucket accessories.

2. "ODD" type steel drums

China currently closed steel drums, are bottom of the barrel and the barrel top planar type bunghole still 75mm distance away from the the barrel edges and vertical around the corner, regardless of how the steel drum tilt barrel liquid always not quite clean. Practice has proved that the barrel total residue of 0.5 to 1 liter. Causing not only the contents of the waste, and to re-use or recycling causes trouble, and environmental contamination.Flat structure, and this flat-topped steel drum stand up in the open air, often due to the accumulation of rainwater through seepage caused by a bad seal bunghole stainless steel drums or the contamination of the contents, which also contributed to the pollution of the environment and resources waste.

To solve this problem, the European steel drum manufacturing industry has designed a special barrel roof structure, called "ODD" barrel, the barrel structure five years ago, an international the steel drums technical seminars on, in Europe and the United Statesmore popular. The structure of the barrel, when the When the drums bung placed vertically upward, the injection port and the ventilation opening are higher than the plane of the barrel top, while the injection port is higher than the ventilation opening, which is through the drainage groove of the barrel top central pressed to achieve , when when steel drums dumping liquid, the liquid flows along the barrel top drainage trough lower at the injection port, the barrel of liquid drained. Figure 1-4 "ODD" lid.

Bung schematic diagram of Figure 1-4 "ODD"

"ODD" barrel structure to solve the residual contents of standard steel drums, is the most economical, because if the adoption of the ISO standard steel drums, if you want to change the structure and size, after all, much more.

Closure Type gradually diversified

Our original steel drums, mouth closed steel drums. Many years no major changes.Practical applications, there is a full open bucket, the opening in the barrel, the small opening of the barrels, etc.; By closed type, with a bolt-type, closed hoop fixed type, three-jaw, seaming type. From international economic development situation, China is still not out of the old mode. With economic development, the fake and shoddy goods growing number, followed by the anti-counterfeiting technology is also increasingly superb Thus, the use of packaging steel drums manufacturers will want to have a more convenient and secure steel drums, so the mouth on the development will be a big change. International patented technology be applied to steel drums security burglar closure, not only easy to open, and the technology is more mature. China is still not adopted, but to varying degrees in some upscale keg packaging used.

Because most closed the bunghole part of the steel drum closure is coiled barrel top lamination structure Guchang at the leakage so that the contents of environmental pollution. To solve this problem, some people abroad barrel top injection port and vents integrated closed, that direct punching, flanging roll threaded barrel roof. Of course, the manufacturing process of such a structure is relatively complex and not the formation of large-volume production.

Indian company to design a called lamination structure of the "S" type bunghole technology is the most advanced international bunghole lock technology, which uses a technology package spirals in the middle necking, even in barrels mouth drop test without leakage, plus the company GRT coiled, the traditional Closed Cylinder closed appliances with new life. This technology was on display at the Shanghai International the steel drums Technology Seminar last year, domestic production and use yet.

Steel drums more colorful appearance coating color

Color of steel drums in China has greatly enriched the common monotonous color have been rare the people advocating natural color, and now has been replaced by it, such as sky blue, navy blue, forest green, orange, red, and so on, so that refreshing, it makes our family of steel drums more colorful. This is not, in recent years more and more chromatic barrels gigantic trend to produce chromatic barrel, many companies out of the original electrostatic painting equipment, and replaced with a high-pressure airless spray, in order to achieve the multi-color The production of the barrel.

Recently, spray barrel will also become a new fashion, it is the use of electrostatic spraying technology spray plastic powder into the barrel surface, and then after solidification after melting at high temperature in the barrel surface technology, the spray barrel is not only beautiful and pretty, and adhesion strong, and has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, the direction of the development of high-grade steel drum surface coating technology.

At present, China's tinplate production of small drums, color printing iron has been popular. Abroad, India has a large capacity steel drum material iron, in the near future, we will be there. The new pre-coating membrane has been developed in foreign countries for many years, China has only just begun, and mostly used in construction and decoration. For steel drum production in the future, not only eliminates the need for steel drums production coating processes, more importantly, reduce environmental pollution brought about by the painting, but also improves the steel drum coating quality beautifully.

Nine steel drum capacity polarization trend has now

Because of the incomparable advantages of steel drums, making it more and more people of all ages, and its strong metal texture, sturdy structure and characteristics can be used repeatedly, as well as easy to implement the packaging in the form of gentrification, so people are giving its greater hope. People want some of its small size, the face of the end-user directly, eliminating the need for the trouble of packing and handling are more convenient to use. For example, is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, four liters rectangular bucket, 20 liters convenient barrel, providing people with more and more convenient. The future, this new trend will be more clear, more variety and will also appear due to the different uses.

Steel drums price relative to other conventional packaging, a little bit higher. Order to reduce the cost of packaging and shipping, to facilitate the recovery of several recent the foreign large container steel drums, such as 500 liters and 1000 liters container barrels.Barrels commonly used forklift operations such as loading and unloading, packing the extent of damage compared to conventional steel drums in terms of a much smaller, higher-value recycling reuse. Relative to the costumes, the goods of the same capacity, lower packaging costs. This large drums future development will be a place for itself.Because it is more conducive to international long-distance transport.

10, the international standard steel drums is the main trend of the future the steel drums development of

In recent years, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the first steel drums standard, this indicates that the development of steel drums with international standards.

Steel drums national standards over the years nothing ground-breaking development, thus limiting the pace of the development of China's steel drum packaging industry, and therefore bound to be eliminated. From advanced technology, or in terms of the structure is reasonable, the international standards are national standards can not be compared.GB size steel drums often due to the waste of space in the international container transport by the accusations and limitations ISO international standard steel drums size is the best because it to maximize the use of a standard container space, and thus the most reasonable by world-wide welcome and promotion.

The international standard steel drums not only the size of the barrel has a reasonable, more important is the barrel top and bottom of the barrel structure has the incomparable advantages GB steel drums. The barrel top and bottom of the barrel does not like GB steel drums as flat, but the bulge to form the top of the barrel of a similar spherical withstand internal and external pressures to achieve the best results, but when drums outside the dumping of the contents, is easily emptied for environmental protection is concerned, it is essential, because of the closed steel drum is impossible to empty, this is not only a waste of all uses of the content, and The steel drums reuse trouble.

So, who is the first to adopt international standards, and whoever got the key to entering the international door first, so the use of the international steel drums standard to produce steel drums, has become a domestic the steel drums enterprise development and based on the fundamental trends.

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