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Waste Gas Treatment of Steel Barrel Painting

During the metal drum production line, Drums coating of the exhaust gas exhaust gas generated in the exhaust gas generated in the coating process and Paint drying process a large volatilization or evaporation of the organic solvent contained in these exhaust gases. If there is no spraying spraying room, any plant or outdoor emissions, more pollution of the environment. Spraying room with a ventilation device will still have a large number of over-spray mist and organic solvents into the scene of the painting or discharge, the absence of effective governance, pollute the environment and harm people's health. Effective governance adsorption, absorption. I'll focus on the adsorption governance law.

First, the adsorption Law of Governance

Governance of the exhaust gas of the adsorption device is loaded is set in the adsorption of the substance such as activated carbon, alumina, silica gel and molecular sieves. Best activated carbon, activated carbon adsorption area, high adsorption efficiency, easy-to-manage, good repair. Adsorption device composed of a steam generator, dual canister, spiral condenser, tube condenser, water separator, DC fan. The small adsorption equipment such as paint coating process developed by the Institute of adsorption of organic solvent purification efficiency of up to 99.6%. The adsorption device during use: evaporation or drying volatile organic solvent, the toxicity of the exhaust gas, after cooling to 50 ° C or below, introduced by the DC induced draft fan duct, filter mesh filter by pairs, the two butterfly valves, fire resistant layer the Dual activated carbon tank, for adsorption. The purified air is discharged by two butterfly valves open any jar steam generator after the adsorption saturation, the temperature was raised to 110 ° C to 120 ° C subject to the adsorption of the solvent vapor pressure of 0.16MPa, open mixed vapor valve by the coil condenser, the column tube condenser, a mixed gas condensate flows into the oil-water separator according to the density of the type to be processed are stored separately recovering the organic solvent. The adsorption process, the reciprocating cycle, the replacement of the adsorbate can continue to be used after a certain time. Adsorbing device is being developed, and continue to develop new types and varieties, in order to improve the processing performance.

According to the actual situation of your factory, the main source of pollution is air spraying process, the concentration of volatile organic solvents, the temperature is not high. So I introduced an investment in the least way, you can make your own. The practice is as follows:

Prepare two adsorption tower is sealed cans, a diameter of 0.8 to 1 m (party line), height of 1.8 to 2 meters, as shown below. Steel tower with layered copper wire lapping, activated carbon is placed online. The organic solvent gas from the lower part of the tower blown into the fan and is discharged from the upper. After adsorption of the two sets of towers, the exhaust gas is generally able to meet the emission standards. Note that the tower layers to each other across the form of a maze, in order to facilitate adsorption. To be activated carbon adsorption saturation, and then replace it with a new activated carbon, activated carbon adsorption can come up with to deal with again, you can no longer use. However, to be better, it is best to buy the the formal product approved by the state environmental protection department, you may wish to look and environmental protection equipment units, will be able to choose the investment is not.

Simple adsorbed device schematic diagram


1. The second group of the same structure with the first group.

2. Activated carbon block should not be too small, can flow through the smooth appropriate.

3. Every mesh should not be too small, appropriate activated carbon block does not drop. Can also be used barbed wire.

4. Each layer through-hole of the spacer should not be too small to make the air flow smoothly over.

5. The best fan DC fan.

6. Tank tower to open the sealed structure is appropriate, in order to facilitate maintenance and replacement of the activated carbon.

Second, the absorption method

The solvent absorption spectrometry absorber device. The device is equipped with a liquid absorbent absorbers should be non-toxic, non-flammable, easily renewable and non-corrosive. Some diesel plus i water absorbent to governance xylene solvent, but the effect can only reach 50 to 60%, most of the absorbent and then processed, recycled or burned with the distillation was filtered.

Third, the catalytic combustion method

Governance drying furnace exhaust, the best is the use of catalytic combustion poured.The general catalytic combustion devices are specified in the ventilation exhaust outlet, the working process by the induced draft fan pumped into the exhaust gas is piped into the exhaust gas heat exchanger heating up, such as benzene solvent preheated combustion temperature of about 250-300 ℃, some ester solvent to be heated to 400-500 ℃ before they can reach the combustion temperature. Catalytic combustion chamber made of high-temperature materials, and safety control devices and electronic control devices shall be ancillary processing equipment. After combustion of the solvent into carbon dioxide and water, can be discharged into the atmosphere.

Most of the catalytic combustion method for the the drying room exhausts governance.Too expensive manufacturing material of the combustion chamber of the catalytic combustion method, an organic solvent drying chamber discharge temperature is too low, the preheating temperature reaches the combustion temperature is too high, too much energy consumption, therefore, this method is seldom used. More economical, and the treatment effect is low concentrations of organic solvent was concentrated after decomposition recycling or adsorption method for the best.

In addition, your factory air spray, this method not only pollute, and a serious waste of paint the domestic already included in the phase-out of products. Can switch to high-pressure airless spray, this situation would be greatly improved, product quality can also improve Moreover, the investment is not large. If you are interested, contact with Shanghai hydraulic parts three plants.


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