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How to do High Precision Slitting and Cutting of Steel Drum Material

Metal drums, cans plate shear deviations in shapes that directly affect the processing quality of curling. Especially prone to longitudinal two opposite sides parallelism tolerance, commonly known as "the size of the first and diagonal error, also known as the" angle of deviation ". This gives the production of metal drums can cause adverse consequences. How to improve and enhance cutting accuracy on the basis of existing equipment is the most pressing problem in the production practice.

Remove the defects of the raw material itself, the most important factor affecting the cutting precision cutting position. I start out to do three simple improvements on the basis of the original equipment to strengthen the positioning of cutting, and achieved good results.

The barrels are precision cutting machine, for example, about the.

1. Spring by the board on the basis of: raw materials and materials sent shocks can be reduced, so that the sheet tight against the fixed reference bar, thereby increasing the cutting accuracy.

2. Oblique guide bed: the plate close to the fixed reference, the transmission is running smoothly.

3. The extended basis bars: the plate has been to try to be the benchmark in the cutting process, eliminating the slight movement of the error in the tailoring process, but also protects the knife-edge.

To take these measures, the basic elimination of the phenomenon of the size of the first angle is also required within the control of the cutting accuracy has been greatly improved, to ensure production needs, and does not cost much, easy to spread.


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