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Metal Package Material

As the metal is rich in resources, varieties, and as a packaging material has many advantages, especially to meet the requirements of health and safety, the reliability of the packaging, combined with modern metal packaging products, more and more advanced production technology, production efficiency is significantly improved, production costs greatly reduced, so more and more widely of metal packaging materials, is a modern four main one of the packaging materials. Currently in China, the head of the Europe, metal packaging materials accounted for the third place, the United States accounted for second place. Therefore, the study of metal packaging materials packaging materials science occupies an important position.

, Metal packaging materials classification

(A) Material

Can be divided into two major categories of the steel and aluminum Department Department. Steel-based low-carbon steel sheet, tin plate, chrome-plated sheet steel, aluminized steel sheet, galvanized sheet steel; aluminum-based aluminum sheet and foil.

(B) the thickness of the material

Sheet and foil. The sheet is mainly used in the manufacture of the packaging container, the foil is an integral part of the composite material.

Second, the history of the development of metal packaging materials

The application of metal packaging materials began in the year 1200. What was then Czechoslovakia Bohemia produce tinplate, but its production technology does not spread out, this technology, metal packaging began widely used in southern Germany, the Grand Duchy until 1620. The 17th century, people began to tinplate production metal drums, used to hold dry food. 18th century people began to use food cans food storage.1809 Paris, a chef and confectioner NicholasAppert invent a canning, food costumes in the jar lid on the bottle, cork, given sufficient temperature heat sterilization, the exclusion of air seal, this ways to save food for a long time is not corruption. 1810, British PeterDurand use this principle, invented tinplate cans for food storage technology, from the birth of tinplate cans. Before World War II, with the rolling technology improvements and the invention of the metal can manufacturing machine, increasing production of tin plate. After World War II, the the tin shortage of resources, in order to save the tin, people developed the canning materials of tinned or less Wuxi. Thus, the different thickness of tin plate, low tin plate, Wuxi steel sheet after another. The 20th century, with the advent of the aluminum metallurgy technology have improved, the improvement of the rolling technology and aluminum foil, aluminum began to be widely used in the packaging industry.

In recent years, the canning technology has developed rapidly, beginning three tank tank body, the bottom of the tank and the lid is composed of three parts, and later appeared in the cans and the bottom of the tank connected together plus the lid of two parts piece cans. Traditional three tin solder pot tin-lead solder seam welded cans, tin consumption, and contains lead in solder can contaminate the contents were. With the advent of Wuxi steel sheet, it is the successful development of the the seam welding canning process.Seam welding canning process is by contact resistance, electric melting and then put pressure welding cans. And later appeared adhesive cans, organic adhesive bonding seam cans canning process. Both of these methods exclude lead contamination of food in the tank, steel sheet can not be used Wuxi soldering method can solve the problem.They are widely used in the packaging of beer and carbonated drinks. Modern state-of-the-art three-piece cans canning methods, mostly using seam welding method and bonding method, it has broad prospects for development in Europe and the United States, Japan and other advanced countries out of the tin solder pot. With the extensive use of aluminum in packaging, two cans. Its structural integrity, ease of decoration printing, and soon occupied drinks packaging market. However, due to aluminum production consumes large amounts of power, high prices, limiting its use. But with the canning process of continuous improvement, tinplate and tin sheet steel has been successfully produce two cans, automated production lines in industrial production, Can greatly improve the efficiency of the (three-piece cans production speed up to 400 cans / min; two cans production speeds of up to 800 to 1200 cans / min), metal cans packaging is still very optimistic about the prospects.

In addition, in recent years, due to the rolling technology advances, aluminum foil quality has improved significantly, increasing variety of aluminum containers, aluminum foil composite flexible packaging applications have been greatly developed.

, Overview of the development of China's metal packaging materials

The production of metal packaging materials in China is relatively backward, but the fast development in recent years. Has been greatly improved with the Wuhan Iron and Steel and steel modern iron and steel production capacity expansion, the yield and quality of the tin plate; has developed two cans aluminum alloy sheet and flexible packaging composite with aluminum foil. China's canning industry despite a late start, 40 years before the establishment of the tin plate canning industry in the last ten years the rapid development of China in the 1970s the introduction of three British tank production line and printed iron equipment, and from Europe and the United States since the 1980s introduction the number of canning production line. Seam welding canning process to gradually replace the soldering process, a corresponding increase in the quality of the metal cans, and in accordance with the needs and possibilities is steadily developing the production of two-piece cans.

Cooperage degree of mechanization in China is not high, the need for some homemade or imitation steel equipment for technological transformation, appropriate to the introduction of the steel drum production line or part of the introduction of curling, welding sealing equipment, the system covered equipment.

Aluminum containers and aluminum foil bag being further developed.

In short, with the rapid development of the packaging industry and the increase in demand for metal packaging materials, metal packaging materials and containers yield and quality will be greatly improved.

Fourth, the development of metal packaging material and its container direction

In recent years, the countries of the world based on the interests of consumers, care and protection of the environment, the quality of the metal packaging material requirements are becoming more stringent, increasing numbers of items such as heavy metals Laboratory. Therefore trying to develop new metal packaging materials, development of new container, to change the traditional canning process and equipment, reduce environmental pollution and improve the health level of the packaged food. Current trends: Metal Packaging Materials Forward lightweight, thin-plated, with little or no surface treatment and the direction of polymer composite materials; Forward thin-walled metal containers lightweight and type of diversification development.


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