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Discussion on the problem of steel drums curling

There are certain requirements for crimping the first guarantee of the steel drum production enterprises to ensure the quality of the steel drums, each steel drum production enterprise size requirements of the curling, curling R size. Sinopec in 2011 launched a corporate standard of the steel drums curling certain requirements: as 1.0 × 1.0 steel round curling shape requires a value of 8 ± 0.3mm; b value of 9.2 ± 0.3mm; h value of 18 ± 1 mm; r1 value of 5.5 ± 0.5 mm; r2 value of 4.5 ± 0.5mm. The size of the volume of pipe size, formation of R size, take the edge width, the width of the steel drum cover curling at the pull and steel drum barrels are bottom of the barrel, how much cover amount of curling Department glue. Crimping wheel design, the drums by crimping, the amount of deformation is formed, the thickness tolerances of the drums barrel plate composed.

The steel drums curling its purpose is to reach a certain technical standard requirements (airtightness test steel drums combination by curling the drop test, the stacking test), reached the normal handling of road transport, the customer no leakage phenomenon.

The compactness of the steel drums 7th round curling round curling core layer (bottom cover of the steel drum barrels and steel drums barrels are an aggregate volume ride at the edge), the width of the steel drums the bottom cap curling at 28mm, steel drum barrelbody pull side width for 17 ~ 17.2mm, take the side length of the bottom cover of the steel drum barrels and steel drums barrels aggregate volume, round seaming core layer is 1.5 mm.

The width of the steel drum cover curling at 30mm, steel drums barrels are pull side width 17.2 ~ 17.5mm, the core layer of steel drums barrels case back with steel drums barrels are co-volume, round curling ride side length of 2 ~ 3mm .

I think that the the circular curling core layer take the side length is too small (less than 2mm) will affect the quality of steel drums curling.

Individual requirements drums bead shape and size, and also have a certain waste of crimping wheels.

The above questions, please give guidance.

Hsu Fu yuan (2012-11-5)

XCMG: Hello!

For your questions and your the steel drum roll seal insights we do a careful analysis. I think you said is correct, but PetroChina and Sinopec with barrel large amount, and there is the phenomenon of rough handling during transport. And steel drums seaming at bucket edge frayed often caused by the quality of the steel drums bulk leakage problem through careful analysis, refer to the most stable quality domestic the cooperage enterprise data, proposed these terms, is not accidental. .

Here, we r1 this data will be described as an example:

First, when the user analysis of the steel drum leakage reason, the most common question is r1 is too small, the volume to win the title here almost piled into sharp corners, frayed after contact with the ground, causing the steel drum barrel bottom leakage.

Here are a few curling at


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