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Questions and Answers about Steel Barrel Painting

1. What is a high-pressure airless spray method?

Airless spray is paint-job 10-20MPa under high pressure, is ejected through the nozzle holes (0.2-Imm). By high-pressure effect of the coating after leaving the nozzle, the atmosphere in Claim expanded into a very thin stream line. By the action of surface tension, the the paint flow line becomes very fine particles are sprayed onto the workpiece surface. Its main feature is no general air spray paint particles rebound paint and a lot of fly flying phenomenon. The advantages of this coating method is manifested in the quality of the coating on the construction of the paint viscosity, high solids content, a spray coating thicker. Elimination of the coating film defects caused due to moisture, oil, dust and other impurities contained in the compressed air. The adhesion of the coating film is good, a good coating film can be formed even in the outer slit edges.

2, the high-pressure airless spray should pay attention to what issues?

High-pressure airless spraying operation pay attention to check the intake pipe fittings, the gas source connectors and high-pressure pump connections should be solid, does not leak. Pay attention to suction feeder suction quantity, and regularly inspect and clean the suction filter feeder, ensure that the filter does not block a plug. The pressure accumulator filter cleaning after use with the machine. Rotation of active joint high-pressure spray gun with high-pressure hose connected to solid. Gun and muzzle clean.Paint bucket is not off the dust and impurities and other objects. Accumulation of paint to use the pipe blowing the crumbs gun blowing. After spraying the available supporting solvent cleaning machine.

3. What is the kinematic viscosity of the coating and the relative viscosity? How can they?

(1) the ratio of the absolute viscosity and density of the kinematic viscosity, said this kinematic viscosity. The truth is the liquid density, gravity, the result of the determination of the kinematic viscosity, the formula is:

V = η / ρ

Wherein the kinematic viscosity of V-;

eta - absolute viscosity;

ρ - density.

The kinematic viscosity notation legal units of measurement m / s.

(2) the relative viscosity of the coating operation, the Tu-4 viscometer frequently used, coated -1 viscometer viscosity were such. The quantitative sizes coating of loaded within the structure of the container under a certain temperature of the liquid coating) stream through the hole in the bottom of the container finish time used. S said.

4. How viscometer relative viscosity of the paint coated with a 4?

Tu -4 viscometer structure of its material made of stainless steel, the shape of the upper part of the cylindrical, the lower part is conical. The conical bottom has a φ4 ± 0.2mm orifice, a volume of 100 + IML, a cylindrical inner diameter of the grounds of 49.5 ± 0.2mm, and a height of 72.5mm.

How ready containers and paint to be tested (deployment and filter), the viscometer bay, stopwatch. The beginning of the operation, Tu 4 cup viscometer vertically and firmly placed in the bracket, the container is placed below the viscometer. Pour paint with your fingers before the first block the viscometer below holes, until the paint filled to the the whole viscometer within the top of the cylinder far. Open the stopwatch at the same time release the clogging at the moment, until the completion of the paint flow off stopwatch ended, its stopwatch pointer reading is the viscosity of the coating, the unit is s.


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