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Recycling of Used Steel Barrels

Scrap steel drum recycling has many uses, the most important is the restructuring of the steel drums. Restructuring in many forms, be summed up in the following categories:

Old steel drums placed on the roof used as a water storage tank, plus welding inlet pipe and the outlet pipe can be made simple water; along the diameter of the steel drums from the barrels cut open, and can be made into a laundry tub; cutting the steel drums along the axis open manger can be used for livestock in rural areas also use it as a bathtub; side of the barrel body opened a big mouth, and then in the bottom of the barrel welding valve can be used as a tool to pull water and water storage on the tricycle; Others use it as a solar water heater or shower water tank ...

This little restructuring can be made a day-to-day supplies.

Old steel drum barrels are often pits and deformation due to the transport and use of the process of knocking, barrels and barrels of the top and bottom roll Edge more distortion, more difficult round. A way to use it to create new steel drums along the curling barrel top and bottom of the barrel after cutting down the barrels are cleaned re-flanging, plus new barrel top and bottom of the barrel, and then seaming , which manufactured steel drum lower height than the old bucket capacity is also small. The top and bottom of the old barrels can be used to produce smaller diameter top and bottom of steel drums, can also produce other products.

Converted into a smaller capacity steel drum is another form.

Using old barrel steel production to other products. Gas cutting method is split into three parts, the barrel top and bottom of the barrel and the barrels are then difficult to use part of sanctions to go, will be able to take advantage of the part to be cleaned and flattened the old steel drums. Flattened material as a the raw blank sheet of other products.

The high value of reuse of scrap steel drums, but the restructuring process is sometimes more complex, and often dangerous. The restructuring of China's often steel drums when the accident occurred, combustion and explosion. Generally inseparable from welding and cutting operations because of the restructuring of the steel drums, welding, cutting steel drums, often due to the barrel of residual gasoline and flammable gas exposure to welding, cutting flame caused the explosion. Welding steel drums, the cutting operation, must be taken to demolition, cleaning, replacement, and other measures to carry out the welding and cutting operations.

Scrap steel drums cleaning welding, cutting, specific methods are as follows:

First barrel flammable liquid pour the remaining net, and then with an aqueous solution of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) into the barrel for cleaning. Barrels of gasoline using caustic soda in an amount, generally, each capacity of 200 liters of 0.5 kg. 0.5 kg of caustic soda in three use cleaning. First half of the water coming down to the steel drums, put a third of caustic soda, hard to shake the bucket half an hour after the port is blocked, then pour the water, so continuous washed three times. Then wash with water once or twice before welding and cutting. If not immediately after cleaning welding, cutting, and stored for a period of time, you must re-rinse with water to a secondary before welding, cutting. Otherwise, it has not been clean of a small amount of gasoline will be volatile flammable vapor explosion accident, because the gasoline explosion limit is very low (0.76% to 7%).

Scrap steel drum replacement welding, concrete steps are as follows:

Can flare up after the first barrel of residual gasoline down the net, coming down inert gas such as nitrogen, then air rinse, followed by replacement two or three times, and then coming down to the inert gas welding. If no inert gas, steam instead available, but the number of the replacement should be appropriately increased.

Scrap steel drums add water welding, the specific process is:

Barrels of gasoline welding points higher in the top of the barrel, only parts of the steel drums, the gasoline put a net, rinse with water one second, and then the bucket filled with water, the container accumulation of flammable vapors. This method is relatively simple, but it has its limitations. Welding in steel drums next to any other parts, steel drums internally must be cleaned or filled with water, because the conduct welding, welding Mars will endanger the safety of steel drums, and make steel drums in a charged state welding, welding wire connections in energization may occur when the spark.

If repair welding, steel drums welded to check welds with clean water in a timely manner whether leakage, leakage is found, they should immediately repair welding.Otherwise, over time, found the leak, and in need of repair welding, they have re-processing such as cleaning.

It is worth noting that some people use old steel drums when the boiler, which is extremely dangerous, and has more than domestic Therefore accident. Steel drums non-pressure vessels, just ordinary metal packaging, so in the old barrels renewable Lee be careful not to violate the nature of the restructuring and use of steel drums.

Welding, cutting equipment and energy have some fire hazard, but the occurrence of fire and explosion, the main is not whether these devices and energy itself, while the vast majority is due to ideological paralysis in welding, cutting jobs improper operation of the system is lax, poor implementation of safety measures caused. So the key is to attach importance to and prevention. Proper safety preparations before the operation, the operation to be carried out in strict accordance with procedures job after use to conduct a detailed safety inspection.

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