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Saft Technology of steel drum Punching and Shearing

Steel drum manufacturing process of stamping, cutting, rolling and bending production methods, they used machinery commonly referred to stamping machinery. Stamping machinery, forging machinery part of the common type of open or closed presses, more power presses, die rotary presses, high-speed presses, the precision blanking presses, shears, cut red type machine, leveling machine, roll bending machine. The size of the pressure can be divided into more than 300T large stamping machine, 100T to 300T medium-sized presses, the following 100T for small presses; according to the main structure can be divided into open, closed, single-point and two-point type; drive can be divided into hydraulic, crank and screw; divided into rigid, friction, electromagnetic clutch open. Cooperage punching pressure equipment by pressure applied to the material, thus producing plastic deformation or separation to get the the barrel pieces of various shapes processing machinery. Mainly used for the production head (top), the bottom of the barrel, the barrel mouth closed, cutting processes.

Cooperage industry to use more punching machinery intrinsic safety is generally poor, especially the open structure of the equipment, the rigid clutch is not easy to do anywhere Parking retrofit security measures more difficult; stamping machinery simple majorityhigh frequency of use, repeated continuously operating operator fatigue, easy mistakes; another punching pressure mechanical noise is generally up to 90dB has been included as one of the top ten industrial noise sources; punching machinery operation higher accident frequency , steel drum production equipment in the first boot device in the process of the workpiece to take injury (broken) finger accident most.

The clutch is used presses punch (slider) moving and stopping institutions, the widely used rigid clutch disc friction clutch. Rigid clutch is widely used in the nominal pressure 1000KN, Stroke per 200 beats / min open mechanical presses from the insurance operating system should be checked for turn key, the key handle or a direct bond breaking, manipulator rod, pin and spring whether broken; whether the electrical system solenoid adhesion, adhesion of the relay, the failure of the stroke limiter, check the brake with no fracture, prevent clutch failure caused by the movement of the slide out of control cause with red accidents, rigid clutch presses crank dead stop angle not greater than 5o the pneumatic friction presses crank dead stop angle should be less than the 5O-10o, the clutch action should be to ensure that sensitive, reliable .

The brake function is to prevent the inertial rotation of the crankshaft, so that the slider quickly stopped in the required position; also from the weight of the branched balance slider and prevent the slider falling role. Brake and clutch must be coordinated and interlock, that is, power brakes to disengage the clutch slightly lag a little time combined.Brake action must be sensitive and reliable, the the rigid brake band must not have come off, the bump and oil; clutch and brake interlock connection should be accurate, fastening, work stability, coordination, normal shutdown slider should be near the top dead center .

In the friction clutch stamping machine are generally required to install the emergency stop button, of such stamping machine in case of emergency, in order to prevent accidents of the red hand. Large stamping machine before and after should have emergency stop button, emergency stop button protruding from the other buttons or flat buttons should be eye-catching red mark.

Cooperage production of commonly used shears mechanical transmission. Production safety requirements shears important part on the use of bolts, nuts, pins and other fasteners must take strict measures against loose; shearing process must be pressed and then cut, there should be adequate and sufficient binder force number of binder foot, the bottom should be straight and complete. Operation switch with the handle, shall be installed within a range of convenient operator height from the operator standing plane 1 ~ 1.5m; additional protective bezel or retaining prevent shear sprues or debris flying out of darting, must be in a hazardous area network; shears blade installation or replacement, you must ensure that the correct, solid, reliable, and effort.

Punching pressure mechanical foot switch, the exposed part should be the upper and the two measured non-slip protective cover, prohibit the use of non-hood switch mounted on the table, but from time to (no body impact). Shroud has sufficient strength, the entire length of the foot bar in the shears should be installed to cover (can be loaded the flap hole so that the pin extends into the operation); the spring applications Yahuang of the footswitch to ensure recovery. Switch the power cord of three core rubber cable jacket snakeskin tube, such as mobile objects hit line possible, the application channel steel or steel protective cover (wear). Free travel of the foot switch is not less than 15mm, switch housing should be connected to zero, the switch should be waterproof, moisture, sensitive and reliable contact.

Stamping machinery is exposed bed away from the operator standing plane 2m transmission gears, pulleys, flywheels, couplings and transmission components shall be fitted with effective guards. Infrequently regulation and maintenance of transmission parts, protective cover may be fixed, or should be as active style. Where work platform equipment, platform-based surface height from the base surface exposed 2m transmission components, you must also set the effective guards. Shield strength and common requirements see mechanical base portion.

Punching pressure mechanical safety devices to prevent punching machine in automatic or semi-automatic out equipment damage accident, has not left the die area die or shear pressure blade or clamp closed (pressure) should start on the anti- effective safety device. Has been included in the national standards of safety devices: the fixed fence safety device, activities fence safety device, hand button, double handle, light, induction, turn the plate, push-hands and handle safety device. In addition to the air curtain protection, push protection, automatic feeding device. The common requirements of the safety device is that the: security apparatus main body member having the strength and stiffness needed to function; anti-loose fasteners or locating pin should be reliable; the main electrical components of the safety device relays, limit, etc., should be ensure that the capacity and lifetime of the functional design requirements; electrical control light or inductive components shall meet the use of environmental temperature, interference, dust and other requirements to ensure that sensitive and reliable work; electrical control signals or signs should begin with the instructions; safety devices selector switch on the key conversion; design, manufacture, testing, use of various types of safety devices should comply with the relevant technical requirements or standards, homemade should go through several tests foolproof before installation.

To send back for some small punching machine, inconvenient to install the appropriate safety devices, the choice of labor intensity, easy to use and flexible material handheld special tools to achieve an out-of-mode operation. Special tools pliers, tweezers, hook, electromagnetic or permanent magnet sucker (suction folder), which is one of the stamping operations security measures. In the process operation, process card should indicate the die number and the name and number should be equipped with special tools, workers to operate, the use of tools required by the process card for stamping operations to achieve the requirements of hand-proof mode. Conditions should be gradually replaced by a special tool to automatically or semi-automated and out of the feeding mechanism or the use of advanced and effective safety device, nor the coloring color mode classification management can be used instead of the safety devices.


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