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Steel Barrel for Packaging Dangerous Goods

Steel drums Maritime Dangerous Goods What kind?

The so-called dangerous goods refers to a combustion, explosion, corrosion, poison chemicals or other materials. Dangerous goods are generally more lively, a little careless in the storage and transportation, will lead to accidents, property damage and casualties.

International Maritime IMDG dangerous goods packed in steel drums into eight categories, including the following:

The first category is the Q of explosives such as ignition materials, detonating fuel, explosives and explosive drugs, as well as other explosives.

The second category is a flammable liquid. Such as low flash point liquids. Closed cup flash point below 18 ℃, flash point above 61 ° C the liquid does not treat as a flammable liquid.

The third category of flammable solids. Such as sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and other solids and solid alcohol and other flammable materials, as well as wet, emit flammable gases, such as calcium carbide.

The fourth category as the oxidant, organic peroxides.

Fifth class of toxic substances and infection of the substance, such as certain chemicals or pharmaceutical products.

VI radioactive substances.

Type VII corrosive materials, such as caustic soda, sulfuric acid.

The eighth category for other dangerous goods.

Second, the steel drums used for packaging of dangerous goods which functions?

Packaging steel drums of dangerous goods, should be able to protect the goods from losses in the transport, storage and transportation process, no leakage leakage. Prevent the occurrence of combustion, explosion, corrosion, poisoning and other accidents. Its functions should be:

1. To prevent contact with rain, snow, sunlight, moisture, air and other substances, in order to avoid deterioration of goods or violent chemical reaction causing the accident.

2. Reducing make goods during transport by the collision, vibration, friction, extrusion, goods often in complete and relatively stable state.

3. Prevent cargo leakage, evaporation and contact with nature incompatible materials accident or pollution.

Third, the steel drums used for packaging of dangerous goods should have the basic conditions?

Functions should in order to comply with steel drums, steel drums of packaged dangerous goods, should be based on the nature and characteristics of the transport of dangerous goods, with the following conditions:

1. Production of the thickness of the steel drums used steel, cold rolled steel or galvanized steel, tin-plated steel and auxiliary materials, they have to and adapted to the nature of the dangerous goods loaded.

2. Steel drums should have a certain strength to withstand the normal stresses of small under normal conditions of transport. The same kind of dangerous goods single member, the greater the weight, the greater the risk, and thus the higher the strength requirements of packaging steel drums. Costumes the steel drums strength of the low boiling point liquid, must have sufficient safety margins designed to withstand packaging may arise within the high pressure. In short, the goods may cause great harm, its the steel drums strength requirements should be higher.

3. Tight steel drums sealing requirements. And in the interests of the crisis, the insurance nature of the goods, especially volatile corrosion, steep items. However, some dangerous goods counter, has ventilation holes or exhaust valve, which is determined according to the special nature of the dangerous goods loaded.

4. Between the inner and outer packaging to have a certain adaptability, lined with steel drums should not be in transit friction and damage. In addition, the the weld steel drums not fly thorn, so as not to pierce the lining.

5. Steel drums should be able to withstand the temperature and humidity variations within a certain range. Export trade is usually long-distance shipping, temperature and humidity vary widely, dangerous goods packaging drums must have a certain amount of moisture-proof outer membrane. Drums coating film itself should have a certain degree of waterproofness, water resistance, and has good weather resistance and durability. In addition, in the filling goods, steel drums containing liquid must leave enough space to avoid liquid expansion due to temperature changes, resulting in an accident.

6. Quality, specifications and form of packaging steel drums to facilitate handling, transportation and storage. To comply with the standards of the international steel drums.


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