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Brief Introduction of Steel Barrel Production Line

Brief Introduction of Steel Barrel Production Line

Cooperage equipment involved in many different kinds of machines, range is also varied.

1, according to the classification of the device's popularity, can be divided into general-purpose equipment and special equipment. General equipment presses, spot welding, semi-automatic seam welder, air compressor, shears, rolling machines, etc.; special equipment uncoiling leveling machine, milling machine, flanging machine, bulging machines, corrugated machines, seaming sealing machine, leak testing machine, washing machine, spraying machine, drying furnace, and so on.

2, according to the different stages of classification cooperage process can be divided into the front-end production line, the middle of the production line and the subsequent stage production line equipment, and a bottom production line. This is usually cooperage industry classification, the front end equipment decoiling leveler, shearing machine, milling machine, rolling machine, seam welder; flanging machine, corrugated machine, bulging in the middle of the device, the volume side sealing machine, leak testing machine; after paragraph equipment has a washing machine, painting machine, drying furnace, presses, etc.; the bottom cover production line presses, pre-roll machine.

3, according to whether they directly involved in product manufacturing classification, can be divided into the main and auxiliary equipment. Major equipment production line forming equipment, auxiliary equipment, air compressors, forklifts, cranes, transformers, etc..

4, according to the molding method, the trimming device can be divided into the forming apparatus and coating equipment. Tailoring equipment is to cut the material processing equipment, such as shears, presses, milling machine; forming equipment only to material deformation, the material itself is not a choice, rolling machine, seam welding machine, flanging machine etc.; painting equipment does not participate in a choice of materials, nor on the deformation of the material, just to change the appearance of the surface of the material, such as washing machine, painting machine, dryer, etc..

5, depending on the degree of automation, can be divided into a fully automated production line equipment, semi-automatic and semi-mechanized equipment. For example, automatic production line efficiency can reach 720/200 liter steel drum production hours or more; semi-automation equipment production efficiency can reach more than 180 / hour; semi-mechanized equipment is generally only reach 60 / hour or less.

Barrels of commonly used equipment Introduction

Cooperage equipment involved in relatively broad categories, and is vastly different business equipment. Steel drum manufacturing equipment for the steel drum-molding equipment. The steel drums forming process flanging, bulging tendons, pressure ripple and roll package with technology, some enterprises to adopt a "triple play" of production equipment, in a process flanging, up the tendon and pressure ripple processing. Cooperage machinery belonging to the middle of the device is the steel drum production of special equipment, a wide range of middle equipment currently in the country. By Transmission, hydraulic equipment, mechanical equipment, manual equipment, pneumatic equipment; steel drums in the location of points of the production line, both vertical and horizontal; divided by the degree of production automation, automated equipment can be divided into , semi-automatic and manual equipment.


  Table 1-3 Steel Barrel Equipment and Technical

Equipment Name
Main Type
Technical Function
Uncoiler, Flatting and punch production line
Shear & punch
First step of the barrel production line, it used to uncoil, flatten and puch or cut the material.
Shear Machine
Flat-Blade shears,  helical blade shears,  disc shears
For cutting the material for the forming machine.
Grinding machine
Milling machine, milling machine, polishing machine
For processing the connect line of the steel drum.
Curling machine
Three Rollers rolling machine, Four Rollers Rolling machine
It is used for forming the cutted materion into a drum shape.
Spot welding machine
spot welding machine
Connection for positioning or other steel drum barrels seam welding workpiece welding.
Seam Welding machine
semi atuomatic seam welding machine and full automatical seam welding machine
For welding the seamless line of the drum machine.
Flange machine
Rolling flanging machines, extrusion flanging machine
Flanging process for both ends of the barrels are the sealing process in preparation for the curling.
Corrugrate machine
Roll forming, swelling and formation of type
Strengthen the corrugation processing for the barrel body.
Reinforced W Bar forming machine
Roll forming, swelling and formation of type
For barrel body stiffeners processing.
Press machine
Crank presses, hydraulic presses
Stamping for the bottom of the barrel (top) and other steel drums workpiece.
Pre-curling machine
Pre-roll machine, pre-volume spraying machine
For the bottom of the barrel (top) edge of the pre-curling and injecting sealant, to prepare sealing curling.
Flange and sealing machine
Vertical sealing machine, horizontal sealing machine
Volume package with barrels and barrels at the end (top).
Cleaning machine
Cleaning, phosphating, degreasing, descaling production line
For the cleaning of the surface of the drums, and to prepare for the surface coating.
Painting machine
Vertical spraying machine, horizontal spraying machines, electrostatic spraying machine, high pressure airless sprayer, air sprayer
Paint spraying for steel drums of the inner and outer surfaces, and is usually installed in the spray room.
Oven Drier
Vertical drying oven, the horizontal drying oven, far infrared drying furnace fuel (gas) drying oven
For the moisture drying drums surface cleaning and spraying of the coating after drying.
Leak Test Machine
Soap Helium leak leak detection machine,
Leakage inspection for steel drums.
Print Machine
Screen printing machine, heat transfer machine
For steel drum logo printing.
Barrel hoop molding machine
The two-wheeled rolling hoop machine, several rounds of rolling hoop machine
Production for the band closed steel drums closed。
Barrel Body bulging machine
Inflation side, expansion cone machine
For profiled barrel body shaping。
Air compressor
Piston compressors, screw compressors
For compressed air source for the the cooperage device work.
Converyer Machine
Belt conveyor, chain conveyor
Cooperage process between the transport of the workpiece.
Truck Crane
Electric hoist, crane, cranes, forklifts
Lifting and transportation for raw materials, steel plate。
Necking Machine
Vertical necking machine, horizontal necking machine
The necking barrel barrels are necking.


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