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How is the production of the steel drum

What's inside Beautifully bright sculptures and wall hangings that are handmade by Haitian artists and crafted either from sheet metal or recycled steel drums. The shop carries lightweight, tropical clothing, handbags made from candy wrappers, papier mache candleholders, vibrant artwork, scarves, painted coconut postcards and more. Colombian-made pieces are available, including tagua nut necklaces in a rainbow of colors and hip, eco-friendly handbags steel barrel production line.

Claim to fame Melody Bales launched The Lady From Haiti after teaching in the country in the 1980s and adopting her daughter, Rachel, from Haiti 19 years ago. Last year, she partnered with Teri Moore to add Colombian clothing and accessories to the boutique.

Through Aug. 27, the shop is offering 50 percent off most of its Haitian-made items and discounts on clothing and jewelry as it prepares to relocate. Moore plans to open a shop in downtown Fort Myers in October, while Bales is searching for a new space in Naples.

Indigo bloom Wispy white adorns popped petals that are hand-painted in shades of blue and lavender. This tropical flower’s detailed craftsmanship is evident in its tiny yellow polka dots, cool red stripes and delicate veins ($24).

Haitian design Twisted metal rungs and branches curve up the wall and add sophisticated form to the home. Artisans in Haiti hammered and chiseled the elegant palm accent, complete with a bird and tropical flowers, from a 55-gallon steel drum ($162.50). Perfect pelican This island bird is carved so distinctly it looks almost lifelike, ready to waddle across the Southwest Florida sand. It becomes hip and artistic with black, red and glittery silver, created by the hands of artists in Haiti steel drum production line.

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