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Technical Check of the 208L steel Drum

208 l drums is my company in the original 200 l "W" rib steel equipment by replacing the tooling on the development of new products , the review process will now be described as follows:

A , 208 l drums process see photos steel drum production line

Second, the main process and characteristics

Barrel body cutting, circle garden , spot welding, seam welding, linkage forming ( pull side , pressing line , press "W" rib ) , barrel body and the bottom of the barrel seaming .

1 barrel body cutting : the use of open-book leveling shears once completed , accurate positioning of the lower sheet metal burr small , neat incision , production speed, production into high labor intensity smaller.

2 laps round barrel body : the use of circle round machine for automatic lap round, circle after circle Justify error is small, easy to operate.

3 barrel body spot : the spot welder spot welding , the company designed the ride side of tooling, so take sides evenly and accurately , so as to improve the quality of seam welding to provide a guarantee .

4 barrel body seam welding : The FNl-150-5 ERW welding, the welder my company the technological transformation , transformation of the semi- automatic , manual simply push the barrel body good spot welding wheel , the machine can complete all the welding process . The barrel body welding seam small burr , weld flat , high production efficiency , low labor intensity .

5 barrel body pull side: the use of hydraulic extrusion dies pull side , pull side evenly, this will help improve the quality seaming .

6 press "W" tendons and pressure line : by direct compression reinforcement and pressure line process, so tendons than expected rise again beading , wire process is simple , and the material does not rise as expected when pulled thin , greatly enhancing the barrel body strength, so that the barrel body more resistant to bumps and collisions.

7 barrel body with barrel top and bottom seaming : The barrel top and bottom simultaneously seaming , the company closed barrel machine seaming entertained with the volume has been improved , thus ensuring the seven round curling dense and smooth.

In order to better grasp the products, production processes and methods of operation , process technology personnel in accordance with product performance and production process , put forward the corresponding process plan and conduct a comprehensive discussion finally developed a more comprehensive WC45-00-00 "208 PRIMARYopening drums process documents ", WC45-32-00 << 208 PRIMARY opening drums kind of career guidance book" and so on.

Strict accordance with technical documentation and related standards, we organized a product trial production, product quality to meet the design requirements, proved that this process is reasonable.


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