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Technical Design of Steel Barrel Production Line

1, What is the modern steel barrel production line made of? What are the main types?

Modern the cooperage automatic pipeline main cooperage machinery, transport storage device and control system has three major components. Cooperage machinery is the most basic process equipment, transport storage device is necessary assistive devices. They have to rely on the automatic control system to determine the duty cycle and a predetermined number of products and quality. Therefore, the transportation, storage devices and automatic control systems, but the degree of automation of the production line of the representation flag. Automatic the cooperage line, today's emerging device to the application of new technology to detect the the steel drums quality and control cooperage process is increasing.

Automatic assembly line arranged in the form of the characteristics can be divided into series, parallel and hybrid automatic line multi-press the cooperage mechanical connection between the characteristics can be divided into rigid, flexible and semi-flexible automatic production line.

If the workpiece the cooperage automatically line completed before a step such as a step soon after supplied by the conveying means, without any intermediate means so stored across cooperage machine, then, once a cooperage drive failure temporary parking, it is bound to cause a full line of parking. This automatic line called rigid automatic line.

If the workpiece cooperage automatically online prior to the completion of a process after intermediate storage device storage, a process required by the delivery device sent. So, even if the short-term parking across the board within a certain cooperage machine for some reason, does not affect other devices work properly. This automatic line called flexible automatic production line.

Some automatic line is not all machinery and equipment are set between the storage device that flexible characteristics, but also has the rigidity characteristics. This automatic line is called a semi-flexible automatic line.

At nowadays, rigid and semi-flexible automatic the cooperage line is the direction of development. Because there is no excessive storage device, will help simplify automatic line.

2. Elaboration of cooper production line process route?

Determine cooperage process route, through research, collect data, and a detailed analysis of the process scheme, and provide an important basis for the automatic the cooperage line overall design. Cooperage process plan and process route preparation are realistic and will directly affect the structure and economic benefits of the automatic line. Therefore, we should strive to craft programs and process route is simple, reliable, state-of-the-art.

The elaboration of cooper process route is reasonable arrangements for the entire cooperage processes and these processes according to production requirements, the number of units required across the board, as well as intermediate transport, storage, streaming confluence steering.

Preparation of the cooperage process route should note the following:

1. Must do a careful analysis of the product structure and forming method, and reasonable arrangements for the process route, across the board structure is simple and compact;

2. Cooperage process as much as possible to make our products less steering less roundabout, to minimize the footprint of cooperage line;

3. To maintain good synchronization between hosts. If synchronization is indeed difficult, you can ask for flexible connection or set a variable speed device;

4. In the automatic line of the tandem type, of each device working the beat should be close to, and to improve the efficiency of its use by step sequentially. Otherwise, use multiple stand-alone parallel device type or re-election instead.

Production and production of steel drums different process routes are not the same.Designers must carefully analyze the program, a reasonable selection process route, reduce floor space, pay attention to the economic benefits. Otherwise, it will lead to waste, even up to less than the original design requirements. Single host can not meet the full range of production efficiency, parallel approach should be adopted to solve them.

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