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Waste Water Treatment of the Steel Drum Production line

In steel drums production process, surface coating surface treatment prior to degreasing rust treatment, phosphate processing, as well as renovation of the old steel drum cleaning bucket production, will produce large amounts of industrial waste water. These wastewater in industrial wastewater is typical of acidic and alkaline wastewater wastewater directly discharged if these wastewater, drainage pipes will corrode and damage crops, harm fish and other aquatic life, hazards to human health, damage to biological treatment systems up and running, so you must properly handled.
General acid, alkali industrial wastewater treatment method is: the higher the concentration of acid, alkali waste water (acid, alkali content of 3% to 5% or more), you should first consider the recovery and utilization; low concentrations of acid, alkali wastewater , recycling or utilization meaningful, the discharge should be neutralized before treatment, the pH value of a range to restore near-neutral (pH of 5 to 9). Drums both belong to low concentrations of wastewater effluent, the general neutralization method for processing.
First, the treatment process and methods
The use of chemical agents, the pH of the waste water around neutral and processed in a process called. And processing methods used in the following.
1, acid and alkali wastewater synthesis method
This is a simple and economical way by Waste. This method is to acid, alkali and water together into the tank, mixing. Neutralization tank volume should be 1.5 ~ 2.0h consider the amount of wastewater.
This method is suitable for wastewater generated in the production of alkaline water have both acidic water conditions, such as in the new steel drum coating pre-treatment in acid and alkaline cleaning degreasing rust of both processes, the two kind of process wastewater generated can be carried out in benefits, by Waste was also very effective.
2, pharmacy and in France
Acidic wastewater neutralization agents with lime, caustic soda, sodium carbonate, limestone, calcium carbide slag, ash and boiler slag softening stations etc.; alkaline wastewater neutralization agents are sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other acidic waste. And in pharmaceutical dosage by experimental determination of wastewater pH OK.
Lime is the most commonly used neutralizing acidic water, not only in the concentrations of acid and any water, and the resulting calcium hydroxide and cohesion. Lime dosing methods for cast and wet cast two kinds. Dry investment law is uniformly pulverized quicklime added directly to the water, wet lime investment law in the digestion tank digestion sucked into 40% to 50% after the acid concentration of 5% to 10% of Ca (OH) 2 emulsion, adding water mixed. Mixing and reaction in a pool is completed.
3, filtering and France
Limestone, marble (CaCO2) as a filter, allowing acidic waste water through the filter layer, so that the water and the method is called filtering and pools, and the drum and tub.
Filter selection and the solubility of the product and has a close relationship. Filter media and the reaction takes place in the surface of the particles, if the solubility of the product is small and, on the surface of the filter particles of insoluble hard shell, to prevent neutralization reaction continues, the neutralization reaction treatment failed. Therefore, the composition of the acidic waste water according to the processing and handling capacity, and may be appropriately selected filter media structure to achieve the best result.
Second, wastewater treatment facilities
Drums used in the production and treatment of waste water, the construction of facilities is the most simple, does not require sophisticated equipment, do not need much investment.
1, waste acid, alkalinity measurements
The simplest way is to use pH paper measuring the water dip, observe the color change degree paper, can determine the pH of water. Generally do not need to be exact measurements, as long as the waste water treatment and then measured with pH paper, pH value to 5 to 9 can be discharged.
2, treatment agents
According to the waste water not acid, alkali treatment of different kind and use of different treatment agents, selection principle is inexpensive as to reduce processing costs.
3, the waste water treatment tank
For the acid, alkali and the method and the pharmaceutical wastewater neutralization method, the general case, as long as the construction of a masonry cement pond outside the workshop, the waste water into the pool for processing, the process is discharged to meet the requirements. Pond can be built below ground level, it can be built above ground level, but also easy to maintain, because after a long time, increased sedimentation tanks need to be cleaned.
For filtering and France, still have to build a pond, just to filter installed on the network box, screen frame into the pool, blocking the inlet and outlet, so that waste water directly after filtration through the filter outflow can be.
Depending on the size of the pond volume of wastewater may be, under normal circumstances, should be able to hold two hours of wastewater generated can be.

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