Why Steel Drums


Steel drums are safe, cost effective and easy on the environment, making them the smart choice for the reliable shipment of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Steel drums provide safe transport for about 50 million tons of material worldwide each year.

Virtually all steel containers can be reconditioned or recycled for reuse, which ranks steel drums high in sustainability and leads to significant back-end cost savings. And because U.S. Department of Transportation incident rates indicate that steel drums are the safest containers, insurance rates for steel drum shipments are the lowest.

Industrial Steel Drum
ISO-standardized worldwide for consistent performance, sizing and stacking stability.
Perfect fit in ISO transport containers: 80 drums/20’ container.
Safest, most reliable packaging – with no legal time limit for transporting hazardous materials.
Fire resistant
Able to withstand extreme temperatures
Unaffected by humidity/pressure variation
No UV deterioration or permeation of goods
Environmentally friendly, with low contents residue after emptying.
High-quality branding and decoration can be easily achieved.



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