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200 liters round bottom drum liner

200 liters round bottom drum liner is an inner bag in the drum-type round-bottom
Bag-making technology was developed by our plastic film, is in the drum-type round-bottom bag with excellent seal strength.
FengDi Plastic Technologyhave a good faith belief that the inner 200 with performance and economics of the film is useful for everyone.

Round bottom drum liner feature
no need for cleaning the drum--RDL-200 is a disposable inner。
semi-closed and closed,open---RDL-200 In the circular bottom, bottom crease is not due to
Easy to handle-- RDL-200 Closed-just tighten the cap,save time、Operating efficiency is increased。
Excellent chemical resistance-- RDL-200 Special polyethylene film with excellent chemical resistance。
Safe and hygienic--RDL-200 is based on the Food Sanitation Act No. 20 of notification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare。
Excellent Seal strength--RDL-200 is special hermetic bag-making technology。
Not take up storage space - RDL-200 is The inner bag is compactly folded。
Customer made - anti-static/conductive inner bag

Round bottom drum liner application:
Used in abrasives, detergents, developing solution, cosmetic ingredients, seasoning liquid, paint, paint,and other