5 Gallon Steel Bucket Liner, Straight-Sided, HDPE - Pail Liners

5 Gallon Steel Bucket Liner, Straight-Sided, HDPE - Pail Liners


Keep plastic and steel pails clean and reusable

Perfect for batch mixing

FDA compliant materials

Using 5 gallon pails for mixing is great idea, but what happens to the pail when you’re done? Use these seamless thermo-formed liners and save the pail for reuse. Fits neatly and easily into all standard 5-gallon pails. Contoured lip snaps over top rim of pail to prevent slippage.

Plastic Pail Liners are tapered to fit standard plastic pails.

Steel Pail Liners are straight-sided to fit standard steel pails.

ZZ Group's steel bucket liners permits shipping two-part products in one pail. High density polyethylene cradle holds a one-gallon can. Choice of three FDA-Compliant materials:

LDPE Liner (Low-Density Polyethylene) is for general purpose use.

HDPE Liner (High-Density Polyethylene) has semi-rigid shape for easier insertion into the pail and greater resistance to inks, paints, and adhesives.

Anti-Static LDPE & HDPE Liners are pink in color and are molded with a special static-dissipating agent; ideal for use in flammable areas.

Polypropylene Liner has semi-rigid shape and higher temperature resistance for hot-filling.

See Style column for pail type:
S = Straight-Sided to fit standard steel pails
T = Tapered to fit standard polyethylene pails.

Dim. D x H (in.): 11 1/4 x 13
Material: HDPE
Size: 5 gal.
Style: S
Thickness: 15 mil
Case Wt.: 45 lb.

Do you know the gallon size you need, but not sure what bag size you should use? Easily convert drum capacity to bag size using this table. This is meant to be a guide, individual needs may differ especially for tie off and or overhang:

Drum Capacity Bag Size
1 gallon 12 x 18"
2 gallons 14 x 20"
3 gallons 18 x 24"
4-5 gallons 20 x 30"
6-7 gallons 24 x 23"
7-10 gallons 24 x 24"
8-10 gallons 24 x 30" 
12-16 gallons 24 x 33"
20-30 gallons 30 x 36-37"
30-33 gallons 32 x 50"
33 gallons 33 x 39-40"
40 gallons 40 x 46-48"
40-45 gallons 39 x 46"
50-55 gallons 36 x 60"
60 gallons 38 x 60"

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