55 Gallon Rigid Plastic Smooth Drum Insert Liners, 15 Mil

55 Gallon Rigid Plastic Smooth Drum Insert Liners, 15 Mil


Product features
55 Gallon Smooth Drum Liners, 15 Mil, Case of 20
Vacuum-Formed with Smooth Walls
Constructed Without Seams, Diameter 22.5", Height 34"
Made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Translucent
Ideal For High Speed Pumping and Mixing Applications

Product description
55 Gallon Rigid Plastic Smooth Drum Insert Liners, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), 15 Mil, Case of 20

These rigid drum inserts are vacuum formed and seamless. Completely leak proof!

These special liners are molded with a lip to hold the liner in place. These rigid molded liners are built specifically to withstand pumping and mixing. Won't tear or crack and allows for full recovery of product. Helps extend the life of containers and provide a cleaner environment in any processing or storage facility. No wasted product with these liners.

Disposal of material is clean and easy
Great for storing inks, paints, coatings, food, cosmetic and any liquid
Approved to meet FDA standards

Do you know the gallon size you need, but not sure what bag size you should use? Easily convert drum capacity to bag size using this table. This is meant to be a guide, individual needs may differ especially for tie off and or overhang:

Drum Capacity Bag Size
1 gallon 12 x 18"
2 gallons 14 x 20"
3 gallons 18 x 24"
4-5 gallons 20 x 30"
6-7 gallons 24 x 23"
7-10 gallons 24 x 24"
8-10 gallons 24 x 30" 
12-16 gallons 24 x 33"
20-30 gallons 30 x 36-37"
30-33 gallons 32 x 50"
33 gallons 33 x 39-40"
40 gallons 40 x 46-48"
40-45 gallons 39 x 46"
50-55 gallons 36 x 60"
60 gallons 38 x 60"

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