PAIL-LINE Polyethylene Pail Liner, 5 gallon Capacity

PAIL-LINE Polyethylene Pail Liner, 5 gallon Capacity


Product features
Rigid plastic pail liner for use with Vestil 5-gal. pails
HDPE for resistance to chemicals and moisture
Lipped rim to facilitate removal
Measures 13-1/4" x 12-1/2" including lip

Product description
PAIL-LINE rigid plastic pail liner can be used with Vestil 5-gal. pails. It is made of 15 mil high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for resistance to chemicals and moisture, and has a lipped rim to facilitate removal. The liner measures 13-1/4 x 12-1/2 inches (H x Dia) including the lip. (H is height, the vertical distance from bottom to top; Dia is diameter, the horizontal distance from one side of the rim to the other.) This rigid plastic pail liner is suitable for use in a range of industrial and commercial settings.

Do you know the gallon size you need, but not sure what bag size you should use? Easily convert drum capacity to bag size using this table. This is meant to be a guide, individual needs may differ especially for tie off and or overhang:

Drum Capacity Bag Size
1 gallon 12 x 18"
2 gallons 14 x 20"
3 gallons 18 x 24"
4-5 gallons 20 x 30"
6-7 gallons 24 x 23"
7-10 gallons 24 x 24"
8-10 gallons 24 x 30" 
12-16 gallons 24 x 33"
20-30 gallons 30 x 36-37"
30-33 gallons 32 x 50"
33 gallons 33 x 39-40"
40 gallons 40 x 46-48"
40-45 gallons 39 x 46"
50-55 gallons 36 x 60"
60 gallons 38 x 60"

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