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Design of Steel Barrel Production Line (Part One)

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy and technology and domestic cooperage enterprises accelerated technological innovation,  there is big improvement of the steel barrel productionl line and the main purpose is:

1, improve labor productivity;
2, to improve the quality of packaging products;
3, to improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity;
4, reduce floor space;
5, to reduce the cost of the steel drums products.

In general, for the the possible mass production of single steel barrel production line. Many enterprises in steel drums variety, small batch production, automated production lines are not suitable in this case, not economical to do so.

The steel drums automatic production line for steel drums product quality and production of high-speed, large-scale to ensure,  in particular,  the application of computers  in the control and management of production, so the production line continues to improve, with wider adaptability and flexible adapted to the production of many varieties of steel drums on the market ever-changing requirements, the steel drum production line towards the automation workshop and automated factory.

technical process of steel barrel production line

Modern steel drum production line has been developed into a intergrated automatic production line including steel plate uncoiling, flatterning, cutting, the barrel bottom cover press andmolding, steel barrel body welding, exterior and interior painting parts. As shown in Figure 1 it is a steel drum barrels welding, molding, assembly production line.The production line by multiple cooperage devices, the conveying means form a rigid automatic production line. The production line of the barrel body is the entire cooperage production lines of the most important part.

In industrially developed countries, steel drums automated production lines with modern automated warehouse connected, raw materials, transportation equipment diverted to various production sites; automated production lines out of the finished steel drums directly from the delivery device to the automatic warehouse; access The factory steel drums products from the warehouse automatically output at the exit from the warehouse load transport carried away. The production process and category management, automatic warehouse control and management, accounting, development invoices and shipping by a centralized computer control, thus forming the production and management of automated factory.

First, what is the steel drum production line?

(A) steel drums production line and its characteristics

Automatic steel drum production line in his steel drum production process, the use of diversion, Confluence, storage, conveyors automatic or semi-automatic production equipment as well as auxiliary equipment connected rushed to the scene and formed a steel drum production system with independent control device. Automatic steel drum production line, raw materials on the line after a certain beat, in accordance with the Production order set automatically after each production station to complete the pre-production, and finally meet the design requirements of steel drums products off the assembly line. In the automatic line the entire production process, the workers do not participate in the direct operation of the process, the only comprehensive observation and analysis of the functioning of the production system, feeding regularly carry out random checks on process quality, timely and troubleshoot the device, adjustment and maintenance, replacement of wearing parts guarantee continuous automatic line work.

The degree of automation of the steel drum production line depends on the people involved in the production. If the raw materials or products is only sent by the conveying means each production station by station workers to operate machinery or tools to complete the required production tasks, this production line is generally referred to as production lines, and its relatively low degree of automation, send raw materials or products. Automatic production line, assembly line production generally collectively referred to as the production line.

Using the production of automatic line organization, conducive to the application of advanced science and technology and modern enterprise management technology, can simplify the production layout to reduce the number of production workers as well as intermediate storage is packaging reserve amount, shorten the production cycle, improve the quality of packaging, increase production, reduce production costs, improve working conditions, promote the production to achieve modernization.However, under the same conditions, the high cost of auto line, production organization and management requirements.

(B) the composition of the steel drum production line and form

Automatic production line by automatically cooperage equipment, transport storage and control system has three major components, as shown in Figure 2. Wherein automatically cooperage equipment is the basic process equipment for automatic production lines, the transfer storage devices are necessary auxiliary devices, they rely on the automatic control system to complete the determined duty cycle, and reaches a predetermined quantity and quality.


(C) the overall design of the automatic production line of steel drums

1, the choice of the form of the automatic line

Select the automatic line form that takes into consideration the characteristics of the steel drum type, production scale, production conditions (such as plant area) and other factors. Line type structure is relatively simple, convenient transfer of barrel member, the automatic online cooperage device easier disposed, but the longer transmission station relatively long time to appear narrow. Curved and closed loop (box) type rational utilization of the plant area, more compact structure and layout of transmission is relatively concentrated, under the material at the same location, but the need to set-oriented, the barrel pieces sent oriented steering mechanism, steering. Dendritic material from different positions, barrel pieces shunt confluence suitable barrels parts production, assembly, sorting, but its structure, transmission relative to be complex.

2, the takt time, the determination of the conveying speed

To determine whether intermittent automatic line takt time, continuous automatic production line to determine its conveying speed. Production beat and conveying speed according to the product process features automatic line form, automatic online calculation to determine longest process time as well as the smooth barrels file transfer requirements.

3, automatic line connection

Automatic line generally long, so its connected device often used chain, raceways, push delivery process cooperage devices together. Turn, flip, transform the delivery method and points, the confluence of special conveying part of the need to adopt a variety of different organizations.

4, automatic line control system

Automatic line control system will be composed of the automatic line automatically cooperage equipment and auxiliary equipment connected into an organic whole.Control system command center, manipulating the process of the various components of the automatic line action sequence, duration, warning, fault diagnosis and automatic maintenance. Reliability of the automatic line work, to a large extent depends on the degree of perfection, and the reliability of the control system. Automatic line control system following requirements.

(1) meet the automatic line work cycle and as simple as possible.

(2) control system components to be durable and reliable, correct installation, adjustment, and easy maintenance.

(3) the circuit layout and safety, can not affect the the automatic line overall effect and automatic line.

(4) should be in the key parts of the set of critical process parameters detection device, so that when the occasional accident occurs, timely signaling, alarm, partial or full stop.

Control automatic steel drum line usually timing control or stroke control, centralized control or distributed control.

(D) should consider the composition of the steel drums automatic production line

Automatic production lines of most of the steel drums are several relatively independent auto line, in general, can be divided into three sections to produce, the first paragraph is an open book cutting red cover automatic production line, the second paragraph of the barrels are forming installation of automatic production line, automatic production line of the third paragraph of the steel drum coating. Enterprises automatic lines are not the same, each have their own characteristics. In fact, the middle of each period of the production line, is to set a large buffer, these sections between the production line will not appear in normal production, the greater the mutual impact.

So, no matter what kind of automatic metal barrel production line set in the form, in the form an automatic production line, must be considered among cooperage equipment set buffer, there is a gap because the productivity of various sets of production line equipment, production characteristics are also different. Sometimes, some equipment is connected to the production, some equipment is intermittent production, should these different types of production equipment connected, the buffer must be set between devices.

For example, set the the cooperage device stand-alone sub-branches was 99%, two rigid connection theoretically run rate of 98.01%; three with 97.03%; number of connected units more total run rate of the more theory is low. If a steel drum production line run rate is too low, the composition of the production line to be meaningless.Therefore, usually the joints between the device, set the buffer unit, even a short time under the procedures of equipment failure and downtime from process exhaust items into the buffer storage unit and other equipment work properly after sequential production. The contrary, this is a process equipment short time fault buffer the unit storage barrels pieces still available for the following process equipment for normal production. The order processing buffer unit barrels pieces, usually after the process equipment productivity 10% to 20% higher than the previous process. Such measures, the total run rate of the production line and stand-alone run rate is probably similar.


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