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Design of Metal Barrel Production Line (Part Three)

Automatic steel drums production line auxiliary device

(A) conveying Machine

Automatic line conveyor is cooperage process equipment with organically linked into a work as a whole, it not only plays the role of the middle of the transfer, but also complete barrels of parts and raw materials input, as well as steel drums finished and the output of the the barrel pieces or waste. Therefore, the delivery device performance will also affect the degree of automation of the full range of production capacity, product quality, product cost, operating conditions and health security, and so on. The designer must be reasonable according to process requirements and the overall layout of the design and selection.

Conveying means used in the production line can be roughly divided into the source of the conveying force of gravity and power two categories.

1, gravity transport apparatus

The gravity conveyor Chute raceway and pulley transmission device. Such devices barrel pieces are relying on gravity or inertia force to overcome the the contact frictional resistance of the chute or slide and achieve transport, so the structure is simple, a wider application. But it can only be down to transport, and the movement stability, automatic line beat the stringent requirements of the production line, and should not be used directly.

(1) chute

The tilt angle is reasonably determine and adjust the raceway to ensure that the barrel pieces rely on gravity to achieve the correct transport. To reduce the raceway inclination angle β, should make the roller the heavy G and roller journal diameter tend to be small, while the diameter D of the roller increasingly large.

2, a power transfer unit

The power conveyor means not only has the downward transport capability, as well as, the conveying speed can be adjusted in the horizontal and upward conveying capacity. Typical power delivery device roughly the power raceway, belt, chain, plate chain conveyor. They can drive the barrel pieces for continuous or intermittent motion.

(1) the chain drive roller for a conveyor apparatus

Figure 10 for steel drums production line the common chain transmission power raceway. The raceway in the input and output drums Vertical conveyor in most applications, commonly used in the coating line of drums.


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