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Basic information of Steel Barrel

First, the type of steel drums
According to different classification methods, can be divided into many types of steel drums.
1, the size of the container by steel drums: vats (200 liters and above) in the barrel (200 liters to 80 liters) and kegs (80 liters).
2, according to the the bunghole type of steel drums: closed barrel (small mouth barrels, in opening the barrel) and opening the barrel (straight open drums opening necking of steel drums and the opening tapered steel).
Steel drum coating layer types: paint bucket, galvanized bucket, plating barrels Tu barrels. Steel plastic composite barrel, pre-coated coil steel drums coated plate steel drums.
4, according to the material thickness of the steel drums: heavy-duty bucket (1.5mm), medium-sized barrels (1.2 mm), medium barrel (1.0mm) and light barrel (0.8mm).
5, with steel drums commercial transport: transport of packaging steel drums and sale of packaging steel drums.
6, steel drums holding goods danger points: Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ. Its steel drum test requirements.

Second, the capacity of the steel drums
The steel drum capacity is divided into the nominal capacity (standard capacity) and the actual capacity. Dressed different proportion of the goods, the different seasons and temperature environment, safety capacity, nominal capacity is just a basic guarantee. Under normal circumstances, the actual capacity than the nominal capacity of about 5% larger. Security capacity steel costumes, items and different environment, scientifically calculated. This method of calculation in steel drum manufacturing technology "(Professional Edition).
Correctly select the security capacity of the steel drums, costumes, a reasonable amount of cargo, the basic conditions to ensure the safety of the transport.
steel barrel structure

Third, steel drums of raw materials
1, according to the thickness of the sub-heavy barrel, medium-sized barrels times a medium-sized bucket and light barrel. Dressed different proportion of the goods, the material thickness of the steel drums are different.
2, according to the type of material coating for coated steel (cold-rolled plate), galvanized sheet, pre-coated steel, coated steel. Depending on the conditions of use of different materials.
3, the performance, the quality of the raw materials, steel drum production processFor example: excellent material, too brittle, and prone to rupture, rebound, affecting the quality. The surface poor quality, easy to produce tensile cracking phenomenon. The thickness of the ultra-poor, affecting curling quality.
Fourth, the diameter of the steel drums series
Steel drum diameter determination requirements to determine compliance with the size of the international transport of goods and non-compliance will result in the transport waste of space, or are not allowed to export. Related national standards, the hard straight cube transport packaging size series, cylinder transport packaging size series "the packaging unit cargo size" and "transport packaging size boundaries". Query in the Appendix of the steel drum manufacturing technology. Traditional steel drum diameter size of the problem, to solve the method: W tendons barrel, necking barrel, international standard steel drums.

V. The structure of steel drums
1, the basic structure of the steel drums: the bottom of the barrel, barrels, barrel top, closed (closed barrel closed and open barrel closure).
2, the structure of the steel drums:
· The tapered steel structures, purposes;
· The structure openings drums, type of use and closed;
· Without leaving any residue steel drum structure: the closure structure barrels roof structure.
· Steel-plastic composite barrel structure and purpose.
As for ODD barrel roof structure, the national standard steel drums, the international standard steel drums, tapered barrel and steel-plastic composite barrel structure comparison

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