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Note of Steel Barrel Application

1) affinity test of the filling material and the steel drums, steel drums filling

● filling improved products or new products, you must re-filling test.

● changes in the additive, the addition amount of the changes are likely to change the filling corrosive substance.

● corrosive filling material may direct corrosion of steel drums, eventually leading to leakage.

2) steel drums basic characteristics

● iron phosphate treatment before the paint spraying chemical coating treatment. Rust effect, in the short term, but not with a permanent anti-rust properties.

● use of steel drums can not be used as a high-pressure container.

● drop impact the steel drums curling part, caused by the impact of the projections the extreme deformation as well as the depth of scratches can cause leakage of the steel drums. Use protective gloves when handling the use of steel drums.

3) empty drums stored notified

● stored indoors as much as possible. (Main material of steel drums steel rust easily.)

● Whenever possible, avoid hot, humid, stored perishable environments.

● iron phosphate processing steel drums, please use within 14 days after the arrival of filling. If long-term storage, steel drum inside and outside temperature may lead to rust the steel drums surface condensation. In order to prevent the intrusion of foreign bodies, wet air, please do not arbitrarily open steel drum size port cover.

4) Note the steel drums filling, steel drums after filling Note

● the size of the mouth of the steel drum lid must be properly tightened. The filler cap is too loose, could easily lead to the leakage of the contents.

● overshadowed tight mouth, could easily lead to the gasket and the flap itself is damaged, elastic gasket failure.

● recommended flap torque:

(EPDM) flap: 100 ± 20kgf · cm

Small flap: 120 ± 20kgf · cm

(PE) big mouth cover: 200 ± 20kgf · cm

Small flap: 170 ± 20kgf · cm

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