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Brief Introduction of Steel Barrel Package

A traditional packaging, steel drum production process and its application standard has been more mature. It is widely used in petroleum products, food and light industry, chemical products, packaging containers. The field of application of newly developed plastic barrels and steel drums. Only the former is more suitable for the purpose of transportation of petroleum products, the latter in capacity demand is relatively small in the food and light industry, chemical products, packaging advantages.

l Material requirements
The main raw material of the steel drum is made of steel, general requirements for the surface of a flat steel plate to be lower stiffness, less carbon content, and of uniform thickness. The manufacture of steel drums need auxiliary material comprises oil sealants, gaskets, the mouth piece bucket, as well as coatings, etc.. Bead sealant requires good elasticity, the adhesive force is large, the curing component is, good chemical resistance and good process performance.
The main raw materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and modified polypropylene manufacturing plastic bucket. Selection when the main two aspects into account from the molding process requirements and performance requirements. For example, injection molding vats long due to material flow, in addition to higher injection pressure, typically use slightly larger than the plastic grade of the melt index. Blow vats of materials used should consider the density value, preclude the use of a rigid large creep resistance, abrasion resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracking characteristics of high molecular weight HDPE.
Compared with steel, the plastic material of the advantages of light weight, waterproof, moisture-proof, but its barrier properties, heat resistance, impact resistance are far less steel.
l production process
The technology involved in the manufacturing process of the steel drums is very extensive. Usually requires the following process: sheet metal decoiling level, welding edge barrels are welding, barrels the flanging, barrel body up type, volume package with the barrel bottom cover forming and pre-roll, surface treatment, the inner surface of the spray and the outer surface paint.
Relative to steel drums, plastic barrels barrel molding process easier. It can be used the injection molding process or blow molding process. Ordinary plastic products, only through the plastics injection mold filling, solidification cooling and stripping, to complete a barrel injection molding. The lid is also plastic injection manufacturing, general cover and sealed the points cover design airtight lid should take full account of the use of the flexibility of plastic. There is also a convenient insert molding - blow molding method, the the handle ring with the barrel one-time molding. It need not preclude the L-ring injection molding, the obtained monolithic vat having a high bonding properties between a high tightness of the handle and the barrel body.
Steel drums molding process is relatively complex, its cost of production is much higher than the plastic bucket. In addition, the possibility of the steel drum leakage problem. In addition to the barrel mouth may produce leakage, the volume of barrels weld top and bottom of the barrel barrels sealed handled properly, will cause similar problems.Statistical data show that the parts of the steel drum leakage ratio roughly: curling weld Triangle area accounted for 85%; bunghole Bung accounted for 10% at 5%; barrels weld. Plastic bucket is molding barrel there is no seams, greatly reducing the leakage opportunities.
Appearance processing
As a commodity packaging, barrels of appearance processing is particularly important.From the the publicity effect plastic bucket even better performance.
Before printing, steel drums to the underlying coating. Usually with white paint or colorless transparent paint coating the steel drum as printing full graphic background use. As for the plastic bucket, in addition to the open part of a colorless transparent plastic bucket, most due to the injection has been added to the plastics masterbatch pigment upon molding with color. Such as the need to do the publicity of a specific commodity, directly on the barrel surface printing can be.
As the barrel having a certain volume, directly in the barrel surface of the printing, only impress with the screen printing method. Also somewhat different due to the different material, the printing ink used for both barrels. Steel drums with two liquid reactive ink, plastic buckets more with volatile drying ink. Steel drums of printing performance is relatively poor, the surface of the coating, or clear clean grease, dust will not affect the attachment force of the steel drums, ink may appear jagged text and graphics glitches and incomplete. The smooth texture of the plastic material, easy to remove dust from the surface attached, very easy to print. Neat appearance of finished plastic bucket blot edge is smooth, clear and evenly textured, both sales and display functions.
Application Market
Steel drums whole the opening barrel and closed two forms 200L steel drum is its mainstream products, small 4L convenient bucket. The plastic bucket capacity ranging from 5L to 200L, even as large as 10,000 liters. Plastic barrels and steel drums, common areas, as well as their respective areas of strength.
Petroleum products
Currently, the oil pipeline and tank number gradually increased, but the steel drum is still the major packaging in the form of petroleum products, and most of the closed steel drums 200L.
Steel barrels of oil can not be filled, only to 80-90% of capacity. Injecting and pouring process, the barrel the gas space will be correspondingly reduced or increased, a dedicated breathing valve is set to maintain barrel pressure balance inside and outside, in order to play a role to prevent leakage drums burst. In the harsh environment in the transportation, steel drums better than plastic barrels performance. For example, its high temperature performance, The Unlike plastic barrels of the same easy deformation even at high temperatures to melt. It is estimated that, 200L steel drums demand of more than 10 million.
200L plastic barrels come out in China in 1988, the beginning of businesses questioned for its ability to be used as the packaging of petroleum products. Later, because the plastic barrel also has certain advantages in this regard, for example, be able to withstand greater mechanical pressure, clean and low-cost and reusable, the increase in market demand. 200L plastic barrel annual demand may be more than one million. In addition, in recent years, a popular composite intermediate bulk containers (IBC), commonly known as tons of packaging plastic container barrels, 820L, 1000L and 1250L Specifications, generally with a steel frame and tray. The large capacity is its most important feature, which is currently the drums can not be achieved.
Furthermore, in the application of the plastic bucket is subject to some restrictions, such as can not be used dressed gasoline, trichlorethylene, benzene, toluene and thin material. They are inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, with a non-conductive plastic bucket impact easily lead to the accumulation of static electricity, which led to the explosion.
Light industry, chemical products, food
Chinese light industry, chemical industry development for steel drums provided a majority of the market, including small and medium-sized steel drum is the main object of the demand, the capacity of the market is estimated to more than 10 million. Small steel drums generally preclude the tinplate as raw materials for the costumes, paints, coatings, lubricants, etc.; while the medium-sized steel drums used to hold paint, calcium carbide, yellow phosphorus. 4L the rectangular barrel and convenient kegs popular.
Plastic bucket in expanding market share in this area. The largest potential market in the coatings industry.
The food industry also further expand the demand for steel drums. It is estimated that the annual demand of this part of the market in more than 500,000 per year.
Steel drums for food packaging and more opening bucket, 200L or slightly larger capacity larger consumer objects tomato sauce, applesauce and honey and other products.
Kinds of seasonings, baking grease, concentrated fruit juice, beans, etc. will be used in the plastic bucket as packaging.
Plastic bucket but not the best long-term loading edible oil. Used to hold wine or with Aromatic articles, time should not be too long.

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