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Brief Introduction of Steel Drum

Steel drums introduced

The steel drum is one of the traditional, occupies a very important position. Steel drums from the temporary storage of the contents to the function evolved into today's industrial packaging, sales packaging, transport packaging; form a consistent flow of container from production to distribution, consumption, has become a means of long-term preservation of the built-in items, we can say steel drums to humans work and life has brought a lot of change and progress.
The application of steel drums

Steel drum its application, although only a hundred years of history, but with the modern development of the iron and steel industry, for industrial and agricultural sector provides a lot of steel, a modern production of the various departments based on widely used in industrial products, packaging, transport packaging and the sales package, the amount of steel drums become one of the main. Various, Japan and European countries, about 14% of the steel after low and plastic packaging, third place the packaging steel consumption in the United States more than plastic, accounting for the second. China's steel accounted for about 8% of the total, second only to plastic. In a variety of packaging and technology development, new emerging each other extremely competitive steel drums in some respects has been partially replaced by plastic or composite materials, but because of the steel has a very good overall performance and extremely rich in resources, so steel remained vitality, and more diverse forms of applications. Especially in the field of composite materials found useless composite barrier material layer, for example, the successful application of metallized composite film is a good proof.

Second, the application of the performance characteristics of the steel drums steel drums only a hundred years of history, but has developed rapidly, a wide variety, is widely used in industrial products, packaging, transportation, packaging and sales packaging, mainly because of the steel drums the following characteristics:

1, excellent mechanical properties of the steel drums, high strength, steel drum container can be made of thin-walled, high compressive strength, the packaging containers unbreakable. This makes the safety of packaging products with reliable protection and easy storage, transport, handling and use.

2, excellent processing performance of the steel drums, mature processing technology, continuous, automated production. Steel drums having good ductility and strength, can be rolled into various thickness of the sheet, foil, sheet stamping, rolling, stretching, welding made of different shapes and sizes of the packaging container.

3, the steel drum has a very good protective properties. Low water vapor permeability of the steel, completely opaque, and can effectively avoid the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays. Its gas barrier properties, moisture, shading and shelf life much higher than the plastic, paper, and other types. Steel drums for a long time to maintain the quality of goods, which is particularly important for food packaging. 4, the steel drum has a special metallic luster, but also easy to print decoration, it will give the appearance Huagui Fu Lai, beautiful merchantability.

5, steel drums, rich in resources, energy consumption and the cost is relatively low. And repeated recyclability, from the environmental protection aspects, and is an ideal green.

Steel drums, while having the above characteristics, but also has shortcomings. : Poor chemical stability, corrosion resistance than plastic and glass, especially ordinary steel is easily corroded. Steel drums to the surface and then covered with a layer of rust-proof substance, in order to prevent corrosion damage from the outside world and the object to be packed, but also to prevent the harmful substances in the steel of the contamination of the product, such as steel, to varying degrees contain heavy metals business sub-Pb, Sn, these heavy metal ions commodity role, especially in food, not only contaminate food, and these heavy metal ions harmful to human health.

Steel drums Category

Steel drums, steel, compared with other metals, steel Source rich, lower energy consumption and cost, still occupies the first metal packaging steel is a low carbon steel sheet. Low-carbon steel sheet has a good plasticity and ductility, cooperage technology is good, excellent protective properties. Steel biggest drawback is the poor corrosion resistance, easy to rust, surface coating and paint must be used in order to use. In accordance with the surface of the coating composition and the use of different steel drums steel used in the following categories:

1, low-carbon cold-rolled steel sheet

Mainly used in the manufacture of large and medium-sized transport packaging steel drums.

2, hot-rolled carbon steel sheet

Mainly used in the manufacture of large and medium-sized transport packaging steel drums.

3, galvanized sheet steel

Also known as white metal, cooperage best materials, mainly used for the manufacturing of industrial products packaging steel drums.

4, tinplate

Also known as tinplate, is the main material for the manufacture of small steel drums, used extensively for the canning industry, small barrel tank container can be used to manufacture other food and non-food.

5, chrome-plated steel sheet

Also known as tin-free steel is the main material for the manufacture of small pail, instead of tin, mainly used in the manufacture of food packaging containers.

Steel drums Production process

Steel drums Production processes: barrel body cutting, lid stamping, stamping composite ring, logo stamping, rolling, spot welding, seam welding, ring bars, pull side, necking, hose reel, curling, point ladder hand, hoop frustum culling , roll forming, the hoop ear spot welding, the hoop ear gas welding, blanking blanking, punching, tight ear drum, metal forming, handle welding, assembly of parts, closed spot welding, surface treatment, paint spraying, spray Marks silk screen lid plastic injection, assembly, final inspection

Surface treatment processes: rust slag, degreasing, pickling, washing, phosphating, baking


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