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INDEX >> NEWS >> Color coated steel sheet and coated steel plate

Basic concepts:
Continuous unit cold-rolled strip steel, galvanized steel (electro-galvanized and hot dip galvanized) for substrate surface preparation (degreasing and chemical treatment), roller coating method, coated with a layer or multi-layer liquid coatings, chemical After baking and cooling the resulting sheet shall be coated steel. Since the coating can have a variety of different colors, it is customary to the coated steel sheet is called color coated steel. Also, because the coating is carried out before the steel molding, in foreign countries, this is called a pre-coated steel sheet.


Color coated steel is cold rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet as the substrate, the surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), to a continuous method, coated with a coating (roll coating method), after baking and cooling system into a product.

The common painted two baking production processes of continuous color coating unit process: uncoiler → pretreatment → coating → baking → → coiling.


Coated steel are lightweight, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, can be directly processed it to the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing industry, the furniture industry, the electrical industry to provide a new type of raw material, and played to the steel and Wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, prevent pollution and other good results. Use galvanized steel sheet color coated steel substrate, in addition to zinc protection from the organic coating on the zinc layer covering isolation effect, prevents the steel plate rust, longer life than galvanized steel sheet coated According to reports steel plate is 50% longer life than galvanized steel sheet. However, in the different regions and the use of different parts, the use of the same galvanizing amount, the same paint, the same thickness of the coating color coated sheet, its life will be very different. For example, in industrial or coastal areas, due to the role of the sulfur dioxide gas in the air or salt corrosion rate accelerated life is affected.

In the rainy season, the coating is long-term rain-soaked, or day and night temperature difference is too large parts of the condensation of moisture will quickly corrode, service life will decrease.

Color coated steel building or manufacturing plant, often by longer service life, the rain washed or affect the use, due to the role of sulfur dioxide gas, salt and dust. Therefore, in the design, if the greater the inclination of the roof, the less likely to accumulate dust and dirt, the longer the life; For those who frequently rinse the area from the rain or parts should be regularly rinsed with water.

Painted steel classification

Color coated steel products can be the substrate of cold-rolled, hot-dip galvanized substrate and electro-galvanized substrate. According to the classification of color coated steel substrate types are as follows:

Color coated steel

Color coated steel cold-rolled substrate

Hot dip galvanized color coated steel

Hot galvalume color coated steel plating 5% aluminum-zinc color coated steel

55% aluminum-zinc color coated steel plating

Electro-galvanized color coated steel

Other printing color plates

Metal embossed color plate

■ cold-rolled substrate color coated steel

Any fine scratches in the surface coating will however the cold rolled substrate exposed in the air, so that the exposed iron at quickly colored sheet produced by the cold rolled substrate having a smooth and beautiful appearance and having the processing performance of the cold-rolled sheet; generate red rust. Therefore, such products can only be used for the temporary quarantine measures and less demanding for interior timber.

■ hot dip galvanized color coated steel

Organic paint coated hot dip galvanized steel products shall be hot dip galvanized color coated. In addition to the protective effect of zinc, hot dip galvanized color coated organic coating on the surface from the isolation protection to prevent rust role longer life than the hot galvanized plate. Hot dip galvanized zinc content of the substrate is generally galvanized 180g/m2 (two-sided), construction topical hot dip galvanized substrate up to 275g/m2.

■ hot galvalume color coated

According to the requirements, can also be used to heat galvalume steel as Caitu substrate (55% AI-Zn and 5% AI-Zn).

■ electric galvanized color coated

Electric galvanized sheet substrate, coated with organic coating baking the resulting product is electro-galvanized color coated, electro-galvanized sheet zinc thin, usually amount of zinc 20/20g/m2, and therefore not suitable for the use of the product walls, roofs and other outdoor production. But there is a beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, is primarily used in appliances, audio, steel furniture, upholstery.

■ paint

The paint is a fluid state or a powder state, organics, coated on the substrate can be dried and cured to form a film, uniform coverage and good adhered. Its main properties have various color and gloss as a protective resistance (such as moisture resistance, water resistance, weathering resistance, chemical resistance, etc.) and decorative ().

■ coating composition and its role

The various coatings, there are four components, namely, (1) Resin (2) pigments (3) Solvent (4) additives. Wherein the solvent is volatile, which for the three sections are not essentially volatile.

(1) Resin

Resin film-forming substance is the most important ingredient in paint and foundation, also known as the base material, it is a major factor in determining the coating properties of. The requirements are fairly stable resin as a film-forming substance in the coating during storage, does not occur obvious physical and chemical changes; in the film when, under specified conditions, can be quickly cured film.

Resin variety, commonly used in the coil coating resins are acrylic resin, epoxy resin, polyester resin and polyurethane resin or the like. The different trees `butter, their physical properties and chemical properties, and weather resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. are not the same.

(2) Pigment

The pigment used in conjunction with resin, paint coating coloring pigment in different proportions will affect the film hardness, gloss and corrosion resistance.

(3) Solvent

The solvent is an important part of the liquid coating, in the coating during the drying process can be volatile components. Usually the solvent used to adjust the coating viscosity, this solvent called diluent used to adjust the coating viscosity. Solvent paint manufacturing, storage, coating, film formation, and film quality has a great impact.

(4) Additives

The aid is a small amount of additives added to improve the coating properties.Additives in the paint in the little amount is significant, if any, can improve the performance of coatings and coating, and some can improve the drying time, and some can prevent coating produces morbid. A wide range of additives, driers, curing agents, leveling agents, defoamers, matting agents, stabilizers, etc..

Almost most of the liquid coating consists of the four components of certain raw materials, the most important of which is the resin, any paint indispensable. It can be said that the resin (sometimes plus solvents and additives) is clear lacquer, then add pigment can into a variety of color paint.

Color coated steel coatings generally use is divided into two categories: construction and appliances with. Architectural coatings, depending on the use environment, in an epoxy resin, a polyester resin, a PVC sol, silicon modified polyester and polyvinylidene fluoride. Appliances paint color polyester resin.

The color coated substrate type and the corresponding grades

Standard substrate type substrate, grades and uses color board grades

Use of standard grades

Cold rolled sheet Q / BQB 402 SPCC general use TSPCC

SPCD stamping with TSPCD

Q / BQB 403 St12 general use TSt12

St13 stamping with TSt13

Electro-galvanized sheet Q / BQB 430 SECC general use TSECC

The ordinary appliances with TSECCB

SEDC stamping with TSECD

Q / BQB 431 BLCE + Z is generally used TBLCE

BLDE + Z stamping with TBLDE

Hot galvanized plate Q / BQB 420 St01Z general use TSt01

St02Z Mechanical occlusion TSt02

St03Z stamping with TSt03

StE280 - 2Z structure with TStE28

StE345 - 2Z TStE34

Q / BQB 422 CD51D + Z general use, Mechanical occlusion TDC51D

CD52D + Z stamping with TDC52D

S280GD + Z structure with TS280GD

S350GD + Z TS350GD

S550GD + Z TS550GD

Note: grades plus G the Gangchuang used as TSt02G TSECCG TDC51DG.

Color coated steel Application:

Construction industry (outdoor): plant, agricultural warehouse, residential precast, corrugated roof, walls, rainwater pipes, balcony railings, Newsstand, cold storage, cargo sale kiosks, shutter doors

Construction (indoor): doors, door frames, housing light steel structure, wall, ceiling, elevator, stairs, ventilation ducts

Appliances: electrical refrigerators, washing machines, switchgear, instrument cabinets, air conditioners, microwave ovens, toasters, steel drums

Furniture: radiators, lamp shades, wardrobes, tables, beds, lockers, bookshelves

Transport: cars and trains decorated, clapboard, container, fences, ships compartment plate

Other: writing with a whiteboard, trash, billboards, watches, typewriters, dashboard, body weight, photographic equipment

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