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Current Situation of export Packing Steel Drums

China's exports of packaging steel drums, more varieties, most of the specifications in 15 to 200 liters, of which there are two kinds of mouth is more common, that is, fully open barrel and closed barrel. Full open bucket with a large mortgage sealing cap and hoop to dress solids and semi-solids-based; closed barrel for containing oil and liquids as much.

As an export commodity packaging, use up to 200 l drums, of course, said more than 53 gallons barrels abroad. In the past decade, oil and other liquids containing raw material, leakage occurs. It is understood that, although in recent years cooperage technology and equipment is constantly evolving, but the overall quality is not improved, the current domestic 200 l drums, can really drop test without leakage through the few. Therefore, to solve the problem of leakage export drums export containers has always been listed as key research projects. The survey found that the proportion of steel drums and the site of leakage as follows: bung lid at 10%; barrel body welds 5%; weld bead and triangular area accounted for 85%, of which a maximum of triangle.

To solve the leakage problem, the current should be mainly from the following aspects:

The use of advanced seam welding machine, take the side seam welding to reduce the width and thickness, which can greatly reduce leakage and seam weld bead leaks.

Currently the majority of our cooperage manufacturers use steel drums or semi-automated seam welding machine-made, take the side seam weld more in 10mm or so.Take the side of the welded portion, the material thickness is approximately twice the plate, this part of the bead sealing, since thicker than other parts, so the transition from thick to thin, often occur at the gap can not be compacted, so leakage they produced. To solve this problem, some manufacturers are successively cooperage take a variety of ways to improve it, there are already some progress. Such as Tianjin fine big thin seam welding device company that is in the original semi-automatic welding seam on the improvements, it can not only improve the seam welding speed, and take the side of the smaller, thinner take sides; also grind edge machine for adoption After welding the edges rolling ride, the double-side grind thin; most advanced is the use of automatic seam welder, welding take the side width of only 2 ~ 4mm, welding quality can be fully guaranteed. Currently more advanced foreign technology is the use of laser welding technology, which allows the butt plate, its performance is more excellent.

Improved curling process, so curling effectively reach seven, and the real volume compression.

Ten years ago, China's steel drums and barrels are bottom of the barrel are all rectangular five curling in recent years, foreign seven round bead technology has gradually gained popularity in our country. Thus curling problem of leakage is greatly reduced. However, the quality is never-ending, and today, curling leakage problem has become a serious impact on the development of key steel drums. From a technical perspective, curling leakage following aspects of the situation:

⑴ curling a high enough level. This situation is more common, since the country began to engage in a round bead of the situation, there are many manufacturers did not really mastered this technique, only to meet the user's requirements change after crimping rollers groove production, This round is indeed in appearance curling curling round, but the real intrinsic quality are not guaranteed, the most obvious difference is curling layers simply not reached seven, some only five. So curling leakage is inevitable. To solve this problem, we must follow the correct curling round the production process, which of course is to be invested, at least to change the bottom of the barrel top blanking size, so curling edge material sufficient; Further additions to bottom of the barrel to the top preroll glue machine, sealing in curling prior to the end of pre-rolled into the top edge of the groove and put sealant fill; another barrel body flange width dimensions must be increased accordingly. So as to provide a guarantee for the seven curling.

⑵ curling level is not tight. Although some drums enough curling seven layers, but not tight crimping, because there is a gap, so the leak will become a normal thing. The main reason for this situation is the crimping rollers groove incorrect or insufficient roller compaction force. Crimping rollers groove technology is the most critical technology, manufacturers generally only a few people to grasp, some manufacturers have not really mastered, the quality is good and bad, and some yet to be further explored. Because the manufacturers of process parameters and process methods and equipment are different, so the groove rollers and other parameters is also somewhat different, but once you have the essentials of the design can be resourceful.

⑶ curling unequal size. Some manufacturers of steel drums quality of the process, resulting in uneven bead size, so in some places there have been gaps. If barrels are not the same flange dimensions in the surrounding wide seam welded lap joints thick, uneven material thickness. This can be caused by this factor crimping the gap must be given adequate attention.

Sealant for preventing leakage to strictly unqualified plastic can not be used, and in strict accordance with technical production, not a wet film into.

Sealed in drums crimping operation, the sealant must be sprayed for crimping the material filling the gap. But some poor quality sealant, some curing ingredients too little glue dry after a gap appeared; others not high temperature sealant, coating when the drums into the oven dry, glue from curling gap in the outflow; some sealant reaction with the goods contained therein drums lapse; some sealant Relay is not strong, curling curling operation is extruded outside. So, drums sealant bead must choose quality assured products, or curling quality is difficult to guarantee.

Spraying operations are required to have pre-barrel when the bottom cover and placed 24 hours dry before curling use. After the wet film because not only would not achieve the seal into the curling effect, and because the gap space occupied for a long time not cured after being hit on the drums easily outflow, resulting in leakage, so the pre-roll process must be strict quality glue Off.

Bung lamination process, with particular focus on quality, tightly sealed to compact.

Most leaks occur at the bunghole case, are due to problems stamping barrels produced.Mold aging, mouth piece bucket size change, seals of quality problems, seals and drums contents reaction and so may produce leakage. So, stamping dies must be replaced regularly; want to buy uniform supplier mouth piece bucket, such as suppliers changed, be sure to re-design and manufacture of molds; seals to complete, consistent sizes; costumes for the user to study the goods to ensure that the goods will not seal the material of the chemical reaction to lose seal.

In the use of export steel drums, and is often found some problems. Mainly the following categories:

1 Tu barrels quality problems.

Some within the required export commodities painted full opening drums, or polyethylene liner in the barrel plus home, such drums easier to leakage, bung must be added to the collar. Some Tu barrels used to serve food, such as applesauce, tomato sauce, honey, etc., since the inner coating does not comply with food hygiene requirements which could contaminate the contents of cargo. Some poor quality spray coating off serious, there barrel surface rust. Some do not use the food bucket special sealant also appeared food contamination. These cases are not supposed to happen, as long as strict quality control in production, we can guarantee the quality of internally coated steel drums.

2. Drums structural problems

After the steel drums containing fats, often open place, some lid gasket and the contents of the reaction and lose sealing effect, but also prone to leakage; case of rain, it is not easy to water tight bung so fat sour spoilage. This is perhaps our current caused by the irrational structure of drums, barrels below the barrel because the outer edge, so water easily penetrated. The structure of the international standard drums drum barrel higher than the edge of the mouth, it will not produce such a situation. Therefore, to solve this problem, only the implementation of international standards as soon as possible, use of advanced technology, changing unreasonable product structure.

3. Exterior painting problems

Drums exterior paint colors, usually fitted with black grease, mounted chemical raw materials have blue, green, brown and other colors, but produced by a manufacturer of steel drums steel drums, colors are always some difference that has batch drumsdifferent color, which is about brand names and packaging of foreign chemical products very influential, should be avoided.

It is understood that the reason this happens mostly paint supplier's fault, they are deployed in batches to supply cooperage factory paint, but there are always different batches of color difference, can not guarantee the same. To solve this problem, you must paint supplier and establish long-term fixed relationship, and the quality of the paint strict inspection control. In addition, the use of paint, to try to stir, so that the paint color.

4. Steel issues

Minimize the cost of export packing drums, the development trend in recent years, at present, many manufacturers are using roll material production, really saves a lot of costs; another thin material is a way to save money, but enough is enough, but alsoprocess technology to combine the various conditions and can not therefore produce a new quality problems.

Some manufacturers in order to save costs, 200 l drums using a 0.8mm steel plate, of course, this is not a one-time export packing not possible, but we must consider the actual needs of the goods contained therein, do not routinely use the ultra-thin plate. In addition, some manufacturers use Bohou uneven or severe corrosion of the steel plate steel drums, also resulted in varying degrees of quality problems, I hope this situation does not recur.


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