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Design of Steel Drum

With the diversification of market demand and the increase in the types of steel drums, steel drums production line steel drums and technical research design has gradually become a new topic. The steel drums product design including the structural design of the steel drums, design and interior design. I was recently in this area in-depth study, will now be outlined as follows a few basic questions, want to have more people to come and care about the development of the steel drums products.

First, what is the the steel drums structural design? It has what features?

Drums structure design, is a departure from the scientific principles, the structural requirements, the type of material and forming method according to the different uses of the steel drum, the shape of the structure and the inner steel drums; a portion structure design. Structural design and design, interior design composed of three product design steel drums to form a complete steel drums. Structural design required to achieve the function and interior design, design is different, it mainly has the following functions:

(1) Protection Function

Protection function is an important function of the steel drums, which is mainly done by the structural design. Out of commodity production, through distribution channels to reach the hands of consumers, the during after packaging, handling, transportation, storage and other means, some of the items to go through winter heat, some after a long time, some subject to various forces role. These external factors will bring to the product hazards, structural design is the measures taken for these Muli factors. - Generally speaking, in the structural design, for the beginning of the protection of the steel drums, the main consideration should be given commodity moisture, corrosion, anti-pollution, anti-theft, anti-oxidation, and so on.

The structural design of the protection function is to protect the goods from a variety of external factors. Example, the author in order to solve the calcium carbide flammable, explosive, easily weathering and other issues, has designed a new calcium carbide barrel nitrogen structure, they belong to the structural design of steel drums protection function areas.

(2) containment function

Rely on steel drums containment. A steel drum should be able to reliably containment the goods prescribed number. The form of goods such as solid, liquid, volume of some small, more or less the number of containment. Carrying out structural design should take full account of the steel drum containment containment function is necessary to consider containment under the specified quantity of a commodity, but also leave appropriate space.

(3) To facilitate the function

The structure of a successful design of steel drums, with a wide range of convenient features. The convenient features generally include convenient packaging, easy to transport, easy loading and unloading for easy storage, easy to open, easy to use, easy sales, easy to carry. In the design of the structure, the opponent steel drums convenience features should be taken seriously, it will seriously affect the sale of goods. For example, the common market, the 4-liter tin rectangular bucket and 16 liters convenient barrel from the structural design of the convenience, it can be said is the most successful example. I have also designed a new full-opening barrel sealing structure "in the case of this example.

Structural design, the reader can refer to the "China Packaging News May 16, 1997 article," On the development trend of the steel drum structure.

Second, what is the design of the steel drums? It has what features?

The design of the steel drums, packaging function and appearance of the United States steel drum container shape, an activity to be in the form of visual performance. The function of the steel drum shape of the following three aspects.

(1) The material features

Substance function is the purpose and function of the shape of the steel drums; purpose of modeling, is the basis for the survival of the goods. The container of any one of steel drums are designed for packaging a product. It requires appropriate materials, structure and shape - to achieve its protection, so that the goods will not be damaged in the process of circulation. Such as steel drums used for packaging honey, it should be reliable so that honey is not lost, is not bad, and so on. Material features of the structure and shape of the container plays a leading and decisive role.

(2) Use the function

Physical function only through the use of people in order to reflect, through the principles of ergonomics, design to meet human modern production and is now living the most appropriate form. Requirements during the design of the shape should achieve the following. Coordination of aspects: One is the coordination between things, including the coordination and coordination of steel drums and steel drums steel drums and commodities; second is the co-ordination between persons and things, including human and things the coordination required when in use feel lightweight, effort, comfortable, as well as coordination between the mental and physical requirements gives a sense of beauty, a sense of security, comfort; Third is the relationship between the objects and the environment, that is, steel drums coordinating relations with the surrounding environment, coordinating relations and gives a fresh and neat sense of simplicity, gives rise to psychological reactions conducive to working and living. Such as a pen. Who wrote "steel drum exterior design should pay attention to the golden application of the theory," the article reveals that the coordination between the persons and things.

(3) The artistic function

In today's economy growing, people of goods not only pay attention to quality, but also want to enjoy the beauty product packaging. Beautiful steel drum shape, a great role to promote product sales. The shape of the United States is the product as a whole reflected the full beauty of the comprehensive, including formal beauty, arts, crafts, the structure of the United States, material beauty, contemporary and ethnic style. Steel drum art function together with other substances function, use the function, but there is a vast create play. At design time, you should choose practical, these two principles of the economy, making full use of new materials, new processes, new technologies, steel drum shape design aesthetic. For example, the 4 liters senior oil barrels with good texture color printing tinplate material, the use of new molding process and production technology, product design into a nice rectangular shape, giving an enjoyment of artistic beauty.

Third, what is the interior design of the steel drums? What does it do?

Steel drums family gradually emerged a need interior design products, such as color printing barrel, the barrel of the two-color, chromatic barrel. The screen printing technique developed in recent years have begun to be applied in the steel drum industry. Interior design of the steel drums, composition, color and so on. Elements to reflect the appearance of formal beauty, people get a feeling of beauty, it has the following two functions:

(1) to promote the sale of goods in the current market, the commodity meets the aesthetic requirements of the user, is one of the main signs of a measure of whether the goods marketable. Therefore, to be good based on the use of object design. To meet specific aesthetic steel drums. In many cases, the steel drums appearance whether the sales of goods plays an important role. With the improvement of people's living standards, people not only pay attention to the quality of the goods the United States, and requires physical beauty of goods. Quality, pay attention to shape, color appropriate aesthetic appearance of the steel drums, will be able to win in the competition of goods.

(2) to guide consumption and beautify the living

The beauty of steel drums and decorating, easy to win consumers, the steel drum interior design is the study of the psychological characteristics of the consumers of steel drums beauty. With the commodities found. Economic development and people's living standards improve, people's aesthetic has undergone profound changes in product packaging. The beauty of human nature, the more material level spiritual life more fulfilling, more beauty, packaging is no exception. Unity of stylish and personality, sense of both contemporary and ethnic. Extensive and delicate, antique and novelty, and also give people the joy of beauty. Steel drum interior design that can beautify the living, but also to guide the consumer. Currently, there are a lot of small-capacity steel drums have a very successful interior design.


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