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History and Development of Metal Package

I. Overview

Packaging is an important part of the national economy, the packaging is still emerging industries in our country. Packaging is closely related with people's daily life and production, it is like air and water, has become an indispensable component of a part of people's daily life. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the greater development of China's packaging industry, initially formed a relatively independent, complete range of packaging industry.

Metal packaging products is one of the main products of the packaging industry. All made with a variety of sheet metal drums, cans, boxes, etc. belong to this category.Metal packaging products with excellent characteristics are widely used in the packaging of a variety of goods, especially foreign trade export commodities, and every year a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Metal packaging products to protect the goods, promotional merchandise, and played a very important role in beautification commodity.Metal packaging products including 20-200 liter steel drums, convenient barrel, food and beverage cans, medicines spray cans, art cans and metal boxes.

For half a century, the metal packaging industry from the welding process, canning and cooperage technology, materials processing and product varieties are profound changes. A significant share in the packaging industry, metal packaging.

Metal packaging traditional packaging. From the mid-twentieth century, metal packaging has been recognized as a globally recognized form of packaging. World use only the second son of paper and plastic packaging.

Metal packaging products have excellent features: hard and straight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good sealing and durability. It has been 55-gallon steel drum fell from the eighth floor skyscraper in the United States, without any damage and leakage.

Metal packaging products, but also temperature and seismic almost free from extreme heat and extreme cold impact, even at high temperatures costumes gaseous or liquid materials.

Metal packaging products, has been part of plastic packaging products replaced, but the replacement goods, mostly there are many weaknesses, aging and deformation of plastic products in the sunlight, heat radiation and other physical and chemical factors is easy to produce because of its easy to produce static and less dangerous goods should be installed, in addition, the waste is not easy to deal with a social nuisance. According to statistics, the plastic waste generated each year more than 440,000 H Tuen. The majority of these wastes is a chemical substance and can not be biodegradation. It is directly toxic to biological, biochemical function or structure damage, this chemical the plastic only one, twenty kinds.

Customary points, metal packaging products into two categories:

The first category is 20 l -200 liter steel drums of various sizes and shapes, collectively referred to as metal drums.

The second category is the cool oil from 3 g to 18 liter round cans, collectively referred to as metal cans. Metal cans can be divided into miscellaneous cans (Fine Arts cans, etc.), sealed cans and cans.

As the metal packaging products have excellent characteristics, so enduring in the past century. Amount of Han below the paper and plastic packaging products, paper packaging just below the metal packaging in the United States and the United Kingdom, in second place. Table (1) four of the world's advanced industrial countries the proportion of sales of packaging materials.

Table (1) Unit:%

Type of Package
United States
Paper and cardboard packaging
Plastic Packaging
Metal packaging
Glass Packaging
According to incomplete statistics, China's production of metal packaging products factory (workshop) more than 700 (including 214 large and medium-sized), including cooperage plant 300, 200 sealed pot plant, plant 200 Yintiezhiguan, total packaging enterprises 6.16%; 29.59 million workers, accounting for of packaging enterprise employees more than 5.99% of the total industrial output value of 1.885 billion yuan, accounting for the packaging industry output value of 7.37961 to produce one million tons of packaging paste products.

History and current situation of metal packaging products

Lift the metal packaging products, people are often the first to think of iron and copper and other metal packaging, our first invented iron and bronze Country: China metal packaging ranking position in the creation of the world is well deserved. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period, China began to produce a variety of containers bronze, silver production of wine packaging container records in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.Metal packaging development to today, has a steel and aluminum as the main material, accounting for a leading position in Europe, the United States and other countries.

In the early 19th century, Napoleon resolved to seek a long-term war soldiers supply rotten food reward to seek long-term preservation of food technology. In this regard, France Benny Ai Tate first invented to save bottled hot food i germanium Since then, he Dulun Te invented the metal containers to preserve food, began the history of metal cans.

Metal drums first made in 1399 in the United States, so far there are nearly a hundred years of history. The advent of metal drums to replace the barrel in use for centuries.

China's metal packaging industry development later, around the 1940s began to establish a horse, iron canning industry. 1937 Guangzhou Zhuhai Can Factory began producing barrels, cans, the Tianjin Wanhua cut tank plant construction in 1938, the 1941 Shanghai United States Can Factory production of cold cream box, listen to talcum powder cosmetics metal cans, boxes. Since then, the Shanghai Hong Thai food, Guan Sheng Yuan, Merlin and other food companies are starting to produce Cracker Barrel, Merlin, canned food, MSG iron to listen to. Mie Wenying spray.

Of metal drums since the 1930 production in Shanghai, the United States Mobil first steel drums factory opened in Shanghai, subsequently many foreign companies such as Texaco, Asia Petroleum, Shell Oil have been in China to set up a cooperage factory was to produce 53 gallons of gasoline barrels and square barrel, and all equipment shipped from abroad.

After the liberation of metal packaging industry in China has made great progress. Fifties established in Soviet help the several home canning factory, such as Chongqing, Sichuan cannery mouth sixties Sino-Soviet split, China's trade market began to turn i interest of the capitalist market, packaging began to pay attention to advanced technology, adapt to the needs of the international market. 1970s the introduction of three cans production line and printed iron equipment, can be printed directly on metal cans, eliminated part of the sticker. Before the 1980s, canning production but also part of the continuous tin iron welding low-rate production. After the 1980s, China's opening-up, and invigorating the domestic policy, the metal cans to start making great strides. Fujian, Guangdong and the first to introduce the high-frequency welding equipment three cans production from soldering to high-frequency welding. Since then, Chongqing Tianfu Cola introduced two cans production line. Later, around the introduction of two cans production line. 1981 canning factory in Zhangzhou the two welding equipment imported from Switzerland, China Can the highest level of one of the manufacturers.

After the 1980s, the greater development of China's steel drum industry. The development of a metal pail apparent gradually developed into a large-capacity 200-liter steel drums barrels of medium and small capacity. Bunghole by a single closed gradually developed into a variety of types, such as large openings, in the opening, necking, convenient barrel. The barrel is the development of a variety of shapes such as rectangular, trapezoidal, tapered, shaped by cylindrical. Outer coating consists of a single color - green grass, and gradually developed into a multi-color, multi-process color barrel, fire chromatic barrel, three cutting process barrel. Inside the bee ball Branch, to the original can only be installed oil development for Chemical, souvenirs, food, animal and vegetable oils, honey and other products can be installed.

Table (2) the development of China over the past decade and metal packaging products.

Table (2)

Types of packaging products
Output value (in millions)
Proportion (%)
Output value (in millions)
Proportion (%)
Output value (in millions)
Proportion (%)
Metal packaging
Metal containers form a variety of round, square, flat, trapezoidal, 5 horseshoe, iron and plastic synthetic plastic drum, and paper. Dubbed the paper itself Lid container.

Third, metal packaging products OUTLOOK

China's metal packaging products despite a decade of greater development, but from the clamor of international advanced level there is a gap, metal packaging and backwardness, not to mention this change, the gap between the performance:

1. Overall 2/3 of the metal packaging enterprises are poorly equipped, backward technology, poor product. Some companies also use the thirties, forties equipment Yao homemade earth-moving equipment. Some of the products of poor quality, loss and economic losses caused can not be ignored.

2. Low degree of automation, the per capita labor productivity ram, especially manufacturing Han industry. China's machinery Bom higher levels of per capita per day, and with the scale of the enterprise of Europe, America, Japan and other advanced countries than a lot less.

3. Less variety, poor quality of coating of the inner and outer surfaces.

4. Bad management, the development and implementation of the management regulations, standardized system in the initial state.

5. Supporting domestic raw materials, auxiliary materials varieties, of poor quality, a greater impact on product quality.

Therefore, we must make efforts in the following aspects.

1. Actively adopt international advanced technology and processes. The canning industry to actively promote resistance welding canning production technology, the elimination of the soldering process, gradually equipped with pallet machine to improve blank coating process. On the the cooperage industry to vigorously promote the automatic welding process of improving middle device, universal triple crimping process, the election. Filler with good sealing performance, pay attention to the introduction of the the prototype help to improve the quality of steel drums painted inside and outside and good digestion and absorption.

2. Actively adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards. Properly actively bulk good standard formulation and revision of metal packaging products, and gradually built the metal packaging products series of standards.

3. Actively organize domestic and international technology exchange and technical training. Metal packaging industry base in China is relatively weak, especially small and medium-sized cooperage and canning business, and therefore need to constantly through technical exchange and training to be improved and enhanced.

4. To actively improve the domestic counterpart of raw materials, the development of new varieties, improve the yield and quality of steel sheet metal packaging production, pay close attention to the tinplate production capacity, the development of aluminum alloy cans, aluminum foil and flexible packaging.

5. Develop more internal and external coatings, to adapt to the needs of the different varieties.

Throughout the metal packaging industry in China's history, current situation and future, that is still lagging behind the metal packaging industry in China started late, but after years of hard work has been a profound change. Hair Looking ahead, with the development of the national economic construction, expansion of foreign trade, demonstrating the bright prospects for the metal packaging industry, let us work together to make due contributions to the revitalization of China's metal packaging industry.


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