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Lecture of steel Barrel Production Line Training

First overview of the development process of cooperage

Drums are important packaging containers, in various types of liquid and solid goods storage, exchange and transfer process, and its excellent high strength, corrosion resistance, safe and reliable function widely used in chemical, oil, paint, light industry,food and other industries. In the world export trade in steel drums shipped up to ten million tons of goods annually. It has become a commodity between production and consumption indispensable bridge to protect merchandise value and use value, plays a very important role.

In the national economy, drums industry is not in a dominant position. It is not a dominant industry, but an ancillary industries. Its development depends on such as chemical and petrochemical industries and many other industries the demand for steel drums. By constantly appropriate services for various industries, and makes itself be developed.Meanwhile, advances in technology, using advanced scientific research and equipment to transform itself, to increase the production capacity of steel drums and improve its functionality and product quality, steel drums continue to improve and enhance, to best meet the needs of users.

Since 1899, New York, armored steel drum manufacturing company since the first one made so far, but 100 years of history. Drums come out, instead of the cask followed for many years. The early 1930s, Mobil Oil opened in Shanghai China's first steel drums factory. Foreign oil companies have been set up in China cooperage factory. At that time, the main producing 53 gallons of gasoline kerosene drums and costumes square barrel. After the liberation, the domestic demand for steel drums, cooperage equipment and more land for the factory-made equipment. Apart from a few factories, most drums factory is basically semi-mechanical, semi-manual operation, mainly manual, poor product quality.

After the 1980s, due implement open, invigorating the domestic policy, China's national economy has developed rapidly, increasing demand for steel drums, steel drums have set up around the factory. 1991 to obtain 200 liters closed steel drums drums factory production licenses reached 294, the annual production from 18 to 100 l drums 12,210,000, mainly used to hold the petrochemical, oil, paint and other products.

Because steel drum manufacturing industry, a number of ancillary services for the steel drum industry factories came into being. Such as drums sealer, sealing filler, paint drums, steel equipment manufacturing plant. The establishment of these plants to fill the domestic blank, so that the overall level of manufacturing of steel drums have a more substantial increase, narrowing the gap between developed countries. Since the nineties, in the establishment of wholly foreign-owned domestic steel drum factory nearly 10, in addition to individual factories outside most cooperage with the latest foreign technology and equipment and equipment together. These plants are characterized by a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, advanced technology, good quality steel drums. At present, China-funded enterprises 200 l drums drums country's total annual production of about 30 to 40%, is the steel drum industry Forces nouvelles and the mode of development, there are many place worth domestic cooperage plant reference.

Eighties promote the drums triple round crimping technology, new gland packing, drums bottom blanking pressure composite molds, using unrolled cutting equipment, new steel drum closure, so as to basically solve the drums sealant problems. Make our country better than most factory drums meet "international maritime IMDG" Ⅰ class standards, can be loaded dangerous goods exported around the world. Currently, many of our factories in efforts to improve the appearance quality of steel drums, steel drums multicolor some plants have been produced. Before the reform, many of China's steel drums no national standards. The barrel factory in accordance with corporate standards of production, causing great difficulties to the user. Now in addition to the production of small openings, straight opening, the openings therein with the reduced diameter drums, but also the production of some product-specific drums, such as solid caustic barrels, buckets carbide, yellow phosphorus buckets, paint bucket, and so develop all kinds of steel pails a national standard, basically meet the variety of products on the packaging requirements of steel drums.

In China, the annual production capacity of more than 200 liters drums 50000 Most factories built drums drum body forming lines. Cooperage factory assembly line each level vary widely, mainly reflected in the bucket transport of semi-finished components, unrolled cutting process, the surface coating on the inside and outside. Mechanized, automatic high degree of plant operating personnel rarely above process, on the contrary the operator greater. Japan's annual output of 1 million 200 l drums factories all administrative and operations staff is only 60 people, automation rate of 85%. Scale plants in our number of employees with at least 200 people, the highest degree of automation cooperage factory automation rate of less than 50%. The quality of the steel drums with foreign countries have a certain gap. After reform and opening, although China has greatly improved the quality of steel drums, to solve the problem of leakage and drums surface stripping, to achieve "international maritime IMDG" Ⅰ class requirements, a variety of products to meet the needs of export costumes, but Structure in steel drums nuances, a good deal better than the developed countries. In steel drums appearance, coating than others firm and beautiful.

Because steel drum industry, steel drums products supporting industry came into being.Jiangning, Qingdao, Tianjin production yield due to closure of steel drums steel drums production increases, product quality has improved greatly. This three factory has more than 10 million sets of production capacity, in addition to meeting domestic use but also have a small amount of exports. In addition, some large self-supporting steel drum factory closure, a large number for personal use, a small amount of export. There are hundreds of thousands of sets of drums annual closure of small factories, and its products can meet the requirements, but the quality is not stable enough.

Xiamen, Tianjin, Zhuzhou, Xi'an has established drums sealant factory. Drums drums to prevent the sealant bead filler leakage is indispensable. Some of the sealant is nearing the level of similar foreign products. Have been put into the new sealant, thus greatly improving the drums anti-leakage performance.

Drums cooperage industry led the development of equipment. Before the reform, our country does not cooperage machinery factories, nowhere processing cooperage equipment. The steel drum plant equipment used for processing the majority of their earth-moving equipment. Cooperage plant processing capacity without relying on lobbying resolved. Thus, the equipment manufacturing accuracy, stability, poor device performance, the product quality is not stable drums. After the reforms, in Taiyuan, Gaoyou, Xinhui, Shanghai, Xian, Zhejiang, about ten factories have started production cooperage equipment, through many improvements, equipment performance has been greatly improved, basically to meet the production requirements of steel drums , can also produce triple seven curling steel drums. Absorption through the introduction of equipment and consumer public to study abroad, in addition to individual devices can be outside most of the domestic equipment manufacturing cooperage, performance close to similar foreign equipment, but the manufacturing precision worse than abroad, the device performance stability, there are certain gap. Currently, steel equipment manufacturing has become a buyer's market, drums factories have greater choice.

Cooperage industry has developed rapidly in recent years, China's production of 200 l drums more than 300 plants, with an annual output 200 l drums about 30 million. The average annual output of more than 100,000 each plant only, and gradually formed a large-scale production, help to improve product quality and reduce production cost of steel drumsIn fact most of these barrels factory has an annual output of 400,000 drums of production capacity. Drums are sales quotas, in our country there are now a serious situation of oversupply drums, steel drums market is fiercely competitive. Some drums factory in the competition due to poor product quality, high cost, and be eliminated, which is an objective inexorable law of development.


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