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Raw Material of Steel Barrel and Development of Barrel Machinery

Special raw materials for steel drums Steel Plate

The development of the steel plate of the steel drum packaging raw materials will become a reality, not only more suitable for steel drums Product quality requirements for raw materials, but also have the use of material savings, the economy is also more prominent.

Currently used steel drums used in the production of raw material steel drums, domestic in addition to the the hot rolling drums board outside, other materials are not for steel drums production of special, so the quality is uneven. Some uneven thickness of the material, high carbon content, the hardness is too much, causing the steel drum is difficult to guarantee the quality; production requirements of some material dimensions substandard steel drums, scrap materials too, too much material waste; Some galvanized sheet the thickness of the zinc layer is not enough to make the steel drums anticorrosive capacity greatly reduced ... Whatever the problem is really endless.

The more developed countries in Europe and the United States, the suppliers of raw materials for steel drums enterprises tailored not only the quality to meet the requirements, but also to the economy; material size as needed ruled almost zero scrap materials. In some of China's foreign-invested or joint venture cooperage enterprise, they supply or crop the top of the bottom of the barrel material are the hypotenuse, the utilization of steel increased by a quarter, if a small and medium-sized cooperage plant to produce 200,000 a year steel drums, you can save the material funds 50-60 million. To do so result, the quality of the drums, and the costs can reach to the top. In China, steel drums materials appear imperative.

Second, the development of the steel drums sealant

The development of the steel drums sealant will be on a higher grade, and should be standard according to change the current situation of mixed fish heads.

Steel drums seaming sealing filler, commonly known as a sealant, when the top of the steel drum bottom barrel body seaming, fill in the the curling gap seal role. Steel drum roll to win the title, curling parts of a certain rigid rebound, rebound the original roll tightly curling a gap. So, with the slits of the sealing filler filling bead, can effectively improve the anti-leakage capacity of the drums. China steel drums over the years with the sealant they use a natural white latex, some manufacturers use a variety of other types of fillers.No uniform standards and quality requirements, manufacturers have come out of nowhere, development and production of the seat of your pants. Steel drum production companies do not know good or bad, groping in use, often resulting quality of the accident. More prominent contradictions, this situation may not last long. Steel drum production process of sealing filler has the following requirements:

① compatibility.

② high temperature stability.

③ a higher content of the solid parts.

④ better adhesive properties.

⑤ good flexibility.

To ⑥ good construction performance.

⑦ a certain degree of weathering resistance.

Difficult to resolve compatibility issues, such as sealants and contents from a chemical reaction, contamination of goods on the one hand, the other hand, the sealing performance degradation.

Abroad, plastic drums sealed stars multiple classes, the sealant used in the drums for different purposes are not the same, but also to achieve a high-quality, high-efficiency construction. The future of steel drums with the design and production of the sealant will gradually into the standardization, standardization, and the only way, the quality of the steel drums will be a strong guarantee.

Application and development of new environmentally friendly paint

Application and development of new environmentally friendly paint, is a the steel drums comprehensive go green steps.

In recent years, the quality and yield of the production of the domestic paint has a very substantial increase, their types and varieties increased significantly, highlighting the performance-enhancing, environmentally conscious features. Many low-pollution paint varieties have been developed, the structure has undergone great changes in our paint.However, in the field of steel drum coating, the application of the new type of environmentally friendly paint is in its infancy, yet to receive attention and application.

At present, the rapid development of domestic and foreign new environmentally friendly paint:

① Precoating paint. The pre-paint coating is a major change of the coating, its steering the product from the last of the finished coating of the coating of the raw materials, thereby reducing the pollution of the coating process. Precoated steel and color printing plate in the world currently developed rapidly;

(2) water-based paint: such new paint with acrylic liquid and carbon black, additives blend. Based on the characteristics of the water as dispersion, does not contain any organic solvent, to comply with national environmental regulations, and is conducive to environmental protection.

3 viscose paint: This is a class of polymer film coated with color paint and adhesives. It has good durability, weather resistance, and can be easily pasted on the product surface. Replaced solvent-based paints, so for environmental protection is concerned, it is a with transformational new paint;

(4) powder coatings: As the powder coating is a solvent-free powder coating, eliminates the scattering of hazardous solvents, overspray powder can also be recovered for reuse.Not only painting of good quality, high efficiency, more important is to reduce and eliminate the environmental pollution, improve working conditions, and energy conservation, is the new trend of development of the steel drum coating.

⑤ benzene-free coatings: paints and solvents benzene ingredients, thereby reducing the environmental pollution. This has now been applied to the low-pollution paint.

Fourth, steel drums tinplate will be dedicated direction of development

Steel drums the tinplate development will be dedicated direction development, the range of applications will be more clear and specific.

At present, the international production of tinplate for the production of packaging containers, a special need. European walking in the forefront of the world in the development and production of tinplate packaging. In recent years, the French steel company first developed packaging tinplate, and put into the market, causing a revolution of the packaging industry.

Now, most of our use of tinplate distinction without purpose, often unstable quality problems in the manufacture of steel drums and other containers. Special tinplate material affect the quality problems to solve. In fact, the product quality problems of the domestic packaging container of scrap are largely related to the material. Dedicated tinplate in use in Europe illustrates this point.

Packaging tinplate development direction:

① to reduce the thickness of the material;

(2) improve the mechanical properties of the material;

③ the thickness of the tin plating layer to achieve a variety of needs.

So dedicated tinplate reduces the cost of the product, high performance to ensure the quality of the product, different tinned layer change the adaptability of the product, so that the economy is more perfect.

Steel drum manufacturing equipment gradually increase the degree of automation

Gradually increase the degree of automation of the steel drum manufacturing equipment and technology will also be more mature and simplistic.

Since the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, China's steel drum technology have larger development. At present, China's own gradual digestion and absorption of these technologies, new equipment continue to be developed. Future there will be a leap in the development of China's steel equipment, fully automated, technology and processes will also be more mature, will gradually eliminate the complex and backward techniques and technology with the international state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to arm themselves, form with other industries adapted development.

More and more production of steel equipment manufacturers in China, has gradually formed an industry, ongoing equipment replacement, emerge at any time there is a new device, which is unprecedented development. Cooperage equipment replacement in the future, will be faster and catch up with the advanced level of the world is just around the corner.

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