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Technical Process of Steel Barrel Production Line

Technical Process of Steel Drum Production Line

We have different speed steel drum production line, high speed production line (7-10PCS/min), middle speed production line (5-7PCS/min), low speed steel barrel production line (1-5PCS/min), but the technical process and the principle are almost same.

PART ONE , Technical Process of the Steel Drum Production line
The steel drum production process is a complicated technical which produce each part first and then fabricated into a complete steel barrel.

For example, the production of 200L closed drums including materials preparation, barrels body forming, barrel bottom and lids forming, barrel sealing forming and painting. And the production process of drum closure is a little complicated, most companies buy the drum closures directy.

1, Material preparation:

the material preparation is for production of steel plate material to produce the steel drums, the general process is: steel uncoiling → leveling → shear → edging → stacking.
material preparation of steel barrel production line

2. Steel barrel Body Forming:

Steel barrel body forming is the production process of forming the steel sheet into round drum body before sealing. General process: barrels body rolling → Spot Wedling→ seam welding → flanging→ W shape corrugated forming → ring reinforce bare forming

Different factories choose different technology according to the automation and technical, such if use of full automatic drum welding machine, there will be no rolling machine and spot welding machine.
steel drum body forming production line

3, Barrel bottom and barrel lids production:

Barrel bottom and lids forming for production the barrel bottom and lids, the they will be sent to the sealing machine to do the barrel sealing. The general process is : the bottom cover punch forming → Barrel lids punch and flange→ flange insert and lock - glue spray.
steel barrel lids and cover punch line

4, Bareel Sealing & Painting:

Barrel sealing and coating production is assemble the drum body and drum lids, drum bottom, then to do the coating and painting. The general processis: Drum body clean→ drum sealing and assembly→ leakage test → painting and coating → Drying → Logo Painting.
barrel painting and drying line

For some special types of steel barrel, the production process is a little different, such as the interior painting barrels, the general production process is rolling → Spot welding →seam welding → flange →W shape Reinforce bar forming → round reinforce bar forming.

The barrel bottom and barrel lid forming process is as follows: barrel lids punch forming → barrel cover punch and flange→ drum sealing and forming→ drum clean → interior painting→ drying. 

Other types of steel drum production is similiar, due to the different choice of materials , different equipment, there are also some difference.


PART TWO , the basic Technical Principle of the steel Drum Production
The steel drum manufacturing technology is an integrated technology, the steel drum production process looks simple, but it contains technlogys from different areas

1. The basic forming method of steel drums
The basic principle of steel drums forming is metal plastic processing forming.

Metal plastic Forming Technology is one of the metal processing technology which use forces to do the forming. The metal will be formed from exterior forces. With metal plastic forming technology, we can get the good quality workpiece with high strength, good performance, and this tehnology has been widely used in steel drums production featured with high productivity, less material consumption,

Drums lid forming is used the power press to repeat the punch and perforation, so the steel drum lids can be sperate from the material permanently.

Classfied by the forming type , the the steel drums processes technical can be seprated as two types: metal cutting process and no cutting process.

Metal cutting processes, including sheet metal edging, drum lid punching, blanking, the coil with molding the reaming turning and tapping. Such process is exactly the same as the ordinary nature of the cutting process. Just for convenient, fast processing, steel drum manufacturing use milling machine, special machine, rolling the silk machine and tapping machine special equipment, in order to match the process and speed of the steel drum manufacturing.

Non- Cutting process, including plate cutting, punch of the bottom of the barrel top closure, barrels are forming, crimping pressure processing, threaded bungs roll forming and rolling roll forming in steel drums production is widely used. Non- cutting process in the stamping process applications is widly used on punching, deep drawing, bending, the forming.


The rotate rolling forming process is special technology for the steel drum production, it is only used for the steel barrel body forming. When production, the steel barrel is hold on the mould, the roller will bending, reinforce, W shape forming and culing, sealing. W reinforce bar forming, is usually cold forming, also the same as flange, when process, the barrel don't rotate.

2. Steel Drum Welding method
After forming the drums body, the barrels need to be welded, current general method is ERW ( electric resistance welding ). This is the resistance heat energy welding, including spot welding, seam welding, projection welding and etc.

The ERW is generally barrel body to take the edge in a certain electrode under pressure, and use the current through the resistance heat generated when the weldment melting of the welding method for the connection of the contact surface between the edges of two ride. Typically use a larger current, the denseness in order to prevent arcing occurs on the contact surface and in order to weld, the welding process must always apply pressure.
Steel drums resistance welding process is divided into two: one seam welding process for the straight seam welded barrels; another spot welding or projection welding process for barrels seam welding take the side of the positioning and closed welding.

The seam welding is the use of the electrode wheels as electrodes, can be continuous welding. Barrels take the edge positioning is simple spot welding electrode is a common electrode head, each solder joint processing generally 2 to 5 spot welding barrels. Drums closure production, the use of projection welding and processing a plurality of bumps, first on the part, and then using a dedicated forming the electrode tip as the electrode, which is equivalent to a certain point of a spot welding molding.

If use full automatic steel barrel welding equipment, you do not need to do the spot welding, grinding, curling, just send the cutted material into the full auto welding machine, it will be automatically rolling and seam welding.
full automatic steel barrel welding equipment

3. Coating and paiting method
Has become after the forming of the steel drums, a practical steel drums, but in order to increase its aesthetic and anti-corrosion ability, but also must give its coating processing, the process generally includes cleaning before painting, moisture drying, painting, drying coatings, printing process. The most widely adopted coating process paint coating process. The coating process can guarantee the quality of the steel drums appearance, enhance the corrosion resistance of steel drums.

Coating process by spraying air spraying, electrostatic spraying and high-pressure airless spray can be divided into several categories.

Degreasing, rust, phosphating, cleaning, drying and other processing should be carried out prior to painting, in order to ensure the quality of the coating to improve film adhesion. Surface less demanding steel drums products, artificial rub barrels can be used effectively to reduce costs.
steel drum coating and painting process

The last step of the painting signs printed. The steel drums flag air spray using hollow logo version sprayed word. As users improve on the the steel drums appearance quality requirements, marking and printing has gradually better screen printing and thermal transfer technology.

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